Shakuro – Digital Design & Development Agency

We are a web and mobile design and development agency. Making websites and apps, creating brand identities, and launching startups. Our goal is to help companies build relationships with their customers online through great design and technical performance.
When companies hire us
  • When a business is outgrowing its market and needs to scale.
  • When a well-known company wants to stand up to the modern internet culture.
  • When a startup needs to make a splash.
We help them remold their online presence, appeal to specific audience, and get funded. To do that, we rely on aesthetic design, hardcore development, and unstoppable work ethic. We are hiring the best talent we can find across the country but keeping the best.
Our strongest suit is full-cycle web development. That means we can take a project from its initial idea, build the brand, design the experience, wrap it all in code, and launch the product. For example, we started making from scratch in 2015. This year CG Society bought it and hired us to undertake further work.
A big part of us is a dedicated native mobile app development team. We've made an app for Fit For Bucks which is a unique project for businesses to get foot traffic and for people to get perks for the steps they accumulate.
A significant portion of our clients has come from the world of art. We've used the power of UI/UX design to help them monetize their platforms better. We've redesigned a website for Proko, an online drawing school, rebranded and redesigned CGMA, a professional CG art academy, redesigned a website for 3DSENSE, a leading 3D art school in Asia, and have a bunch of ongoing design projects.
Native mobile

Extending Production Teams

We introduce highly trained developers, PMs, and designers to the projects in business and entertainment. Outstaffing is a next level of outsourcing.

Your project will be in good company

Clients about us

Shakuro is meeting the deadlines and communication is clear.
Mark Brunet
Founder Cubebrush
Shakuro is a close-knit organization, and their culture is good.
Alan Foster
Founder LoreBooks
I’m happy that the quality of the apps is top-class. My clients are happy.
Paul Krion
Director of Engineering
Once I did the math, it became clear that Shakuro was a good choice for us.
Tal Gruenwald