Android App Development

We build custom Android mobile apps using the full potential of the world’s most popular platform.

Android runs 75% of the mobile device market. The incremental growth of manufacturers makes it the #1 lucrative mass mobile operating system years in advance. That is why we pursue Android application development as one of our core strengths making top mobile apps for Android smartphones, Android Wear, and Android TV.

Shakuro is a professional Android app development company providing quality development services. We offer high-quality mobile apps that suit your business needs. Plus the UI/UX designers trained in the discipline of material design with deep knowledge of Android diversity and a feel for the hottest trends.

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End-to-end Android app development

Android app development

We design and build custom standalone apps for Android phones and tablets. The magnitude of Android users across the globe presents boundless business opportunities and we are on the edge of the technology to create your app.

Introduction to mobility

Application reliability and safety

Maintenance and evolution

Scope of solutions

Business Ops

We’ve been solely focused on perfecting our clients’ mission through supporting and enhancing their web presence. Our Android mobile apps are there to expand your business opportunities and break new ground for your production.

Practical apps

The ultimate goal of every app out there is to make a user’s life convenient and enjoyable. We accomplish that with our UX study and prolific usage of the best mobile development practices. This approach allows your business to reach out to the biggest mobile platform community in Android by delivering an efficient product.


Making money through a nice and easy mobile experience is a trend of modern e-commerce. We have a successful experience in implementing Android Pay API along with other payment systems into the apps we build. In our native Android development, we emphasize seamless payment transactions and the best presentation of your products and services.


The e-learning app market is expected to grow by $47 billion during 2020-2024. The best educational apps are a combination of knowledge and great user experience. We are capable of taking your idea and use our experience, expertise, and resources to create a unique and engaging educational app for you and your customers.

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Android wearables apps

There is a growing interest in what Android wearable devices can offer. The high availability of products, easy sync, and viral popularity of wearables opens a window of opportunities to leverage their potential in Android apps. We concentrate on implementing wearable features to apps, generating callbacks, and the utilization of the immediate interaction between the devices to create a unique experience in the mobility of everyday life.

Android app development process

The life cycle of Android mobile app development is a complex, multi-step process requiring the participation of many qualified specialists. Our team has several skilled developers who have enormous experience in developing apps for various products running on Android OS. With our services, you can turn your ideas into high-quality applications demanded on the market.

Creating the roadmap

We begin with thorough planning. For starters, we analyze all the requirements, study similar cases on the market, then gather the data together into a solid-looking concept.

UI/UX design

Application development

Quality assurance and testing

App deployment

Maintenance and support

Why make an Android app

Our approach is client-specific. We evaluate all the factors and attributes of each individual project, so our offshore extended team model is unique for every company, however, we follow the general guidelines in strategy selection and involvement.


Android’s share of the global mobile operating system market

2.5 billion

devices run on Android

1.5 million

daily Android activations

Technologies we use



Native Android apps that we produce are primarily built using the Java language considering its convenience, capacity, and abundance of tools. Separating the processes in different stages of development by implementing app iterations on VMs provides our Android team with a transparent and effective workflow.

Android Studio IDE

Android Studio IDE

We incorporate this environment in our Android app development for a number of reasons, one of them being system stability. Requiring fewer resources in the development process, Android Studio is a quick and advanced environment for building stable and productive apps.



Apart from Java, we use Kotlin — the newer language running on Java virtual machines. It is interoperable with Java but more concise and easier to maintain, allowing our specialists to make more advanced apps that will stay modern for longer.



Retrofit is a REST Client for Android and Java by Square. It makes it relatively easy to retrieve and upload structured data via a REST-based web service.



Firebase is one of the tools we use to quickly develop high-quality apps and grow their user bases. Firebase consists of complementary features with multiple variables to piece together and rearrange to fit the application needs.