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Shakuro is an international design and development agency. We specialize in creating and supporting innovative web and mobile applications. In other words we make awesome things and we love doing it.

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Web Design and Development Agency

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We see ourselves as the complete solution to any technical startup, we’ll help bring your project from just an idea to a polished finished product ready for the market.

  • IOs

    Mobile development

    We help our clients deliver world class apps. Over many years our expert team have built and released beautiful engaging apps over Android and iOS. We know the platforms inside out, knowing what to use and when to build apps users keep coming back to.

  • Web

    Web development

    We have a good background building anything from small personal sites to huge web applications and they’ll work on any device anywhere in the world. We have a great experience developing for web using Ruby on Rails (our primary development tool) and other popular frameworks.

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  • UI/UX Standalone


    We design intuitive and innovative user interfaces both with mobile and responsive web. Our wireframes and interactions and designed to feel natural to the user making our apps a pleasure to use.

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  • Corporate identity

    Corporate Identity

    We’ve helped many companies stand out from the crowd with stunning memorable branding. Through the use of strategy and design we can reinvigorate companies to make them a brand people will love.

    About identity


  • Research

    We don’t have minimal requirement policy, we won’t bug you with questions and specific technology inquiries. Instead, we’ll research your idea, find the spark and set the path.

  • Prototype

    Prototyping comes before anything else so it has to be done well. That’s why we experiment ideas over multiple iterations so we start off with the perfect approach.

  • Design

    One of the benefits of having in-house designers teamed up with developers and product management is the speed and accuracy with which we can build and adjust designs.

  • Development

    This is where dreams are put into stone. We apply multiple technologies to reach optimal performance without compromising the visual appeal.

  • Testing

    We are our harshest critics, so having a competent quality assurance team is essential and obligatory condition that helps us keep the standards high.

  • Help & Support

    We provide technical documentation and detailed help for our web and mobile applications as well as offer technical support.

Custom C#.NET
Development Service

Our experience in building software for distributed environments brought us to the utilization of C# as a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language, and .NET is a solid framework capable of speeding up the development process.

about C#

Solid Ruby On Rails
Application Production

We are capable of accomplishing multiple goals by utilizing the best features of the RoR framework. Whether it's a solid web application back end or a custom CMS, our Ruby On Rails team is focused on delivering a quality solution to top your business achievements.

about ROR

We help our clients take their next step

We appreciate each customer and we are proud that 60% of clients come back to work with us again.

  • 100 projects - Over the span of 8 years
    100 projects

    Over the span of 8 years

  • 10 months - Average project duration
    10 months

    Average project duration

  • 5 People - Assigned per project on average
    5 People

    Assigned per project on average

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