Frequently Asked Questions
About Us

Where are you based?

While we have companies registered in USA, UAE and the UK, our main design and development force is distributed across Eastern Europe and CIS region. This way, we are able to charge less and provide our clients with a great cost-effective ratio while keeping the quality high.

How do you handle differences in time zones?

We have worked with clients from all over the world for nearly 15 years and have immense experience of doing it properly. Before starting with a project, we will establish time zone rules, set dates and times using your local time, and use it as the standard for all subsequent communications. Our dedicated staff is ready to work around the business hours of a client no matter their location, available via telephone, email, and various messengers.

How big is your company?

Our company is developing, finding and hiring new talents every year. Currently, there are around 140 people in our team and counting. This includes web and mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, illustrators, QA engineers, project managers, creative producers, and other specialists.