Frequently Asked Questions
Our Clients

What type of companies does Shakuro usually work with?

Shakuro digital agency works with companies of all types and sizes, including established businesses that would like to refresh their overall look and feel and strengthen their online presence, companies that are over-stretching themselves and need to scale, and innovative startups that want to gain awareness and reach.

But no matter the size and budget, we treat all clients the same, using our problem-solving mindset to help them with successful digital transformation and connecting them with their customers, fulfilling their business needs.

Do you work with startups?

Yes, we work with companies of all sizes, startups included. In fact, our design and development agency is very open to growing businesses. We have a lot of experience and practical knowledge in addressing their pain points and know the realities of a founder’s life.

We love supporting innovations and the entrepreneurial spirit helping startups that last, gain traction and realize that coveted investment funding. We can help you communicate your product value in an engaging and approachable way.

Where are your clients mostly from?

The majority of our clients come from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

That said, we consider ourselves an international web and app development company open to clients from any other country. For example, at the moment we are expanding our reach and enhancing our value, and getting new clients from Asian countries.