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How much does your project cost?

If you need to create a profitable website or a web app with world-class design, and would like to know the costs of development, answer 8 simple questions and get your estimate.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Website Or A Web Application?

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Your website is the face of your business. It showcases your products and services, attracts users and customers, and at the end of the day, establishes your place in the industry.

It’s only natural that one of the first questions start-ups and growing enterprises have to ask themselves about web development is “how much”. Now, with our website and web app calculator, we’re ready to provide an answer immediately. We tried to make a calculator that takes into account as many individual factors as possible, so you will get an accurate project cost and time assessment.

The 8 Questions About Costs

Before you decide to create a website, it’s important to plan the development and design processes based on your goals. This will help to plan the budget for your digital project effectively. Our calculator estimates website or web app costs in 8 simple questions. All of them are factors that affect the outsourced development and design process. We designed it in a way so you can find the most cost-effective solution for your businesses. Get your website development cost estimate in just a few minutes.

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Stage Of Development Cost Calculator

Creating a website or a web application from scratch is a different thing than working with an existing digital project. The website costs calculator helps assess the time and costs of creating a new web product from start, as well as portrays an average price tag for expanding or otherwise changing the existing product you own.

Do you feel like your product is rapidly aging? It’s high time we changed something about that. Hire web developers! Website development companies can add and expand your website's current features, or demolish the site altogether to resurrect it on another platform.

What if you don’t have a website or a web app yet? We could say “we can create it”, but that’s too simple of a phrase. A site has no value by itself, so we’re not just developing a website. We create the potential. Although custom development of websites done by professionals is what we thrive on, our pages built on ready-made CMS like WordPress are also a spectacular sight. Choose the most cost-effective way for yourself.

We can combine custom solutions with ready-made website development as well. For example, craft a platform from scratch but use a WordPress theme for its blog page to cut expenses and speed up the development process.

Additional Features Cost Calculator

With the website calculator you can choose various additional features, such as an admin panel, live-streaming, a blog, an ability to make reservations or schedule events, and many more.

Design Process Cost Calculator

How much does website cost regarding design? Web design is a thing that everyone “gets” and has to say something about, but only design professionals truly understand.

With our cooperative approach, you choose what we can change about web design and what we can’t. An important thing to understand about website design costs is that the process is flexible: we could either work with your mockups, craft the project’s interface by ourselves, or don’t touch it at all and keep it original. The number of pages/screens of a website also influences the design costs and time.

The design process comprises several stages: footwork, moodboard, prototyping, and end design product. Footwork is a stage when we collect information on the market and target audience to keep the future design in a loop of the user's focus, as well as plan website cost. Then, we create a mood board, and designers gather relevant patterns and set the vectors for an entire project. It’s a stage where our vision is aligned with the one of the client. Prototyping includes UI/UX design implications, usability testing, and validation. End design product is the stage where the polished web design is approved and handed off to developers.

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Illustration And Animation Cost Calculator

If design solves business problems and fine art predicts the future, then illustrations for websites are a medium between them. In the process of development, we can add animated elements and transitions to your website, as well as 2D and 3D illustrations.

3D art and animation have been featured in numerous UI design trends reviews, and more and more businesses include them on their landing pages. Realistic 3D illustrations, combined with animation, are a striking sight that attracts users. Detailed 2D illustrations serve the same purpose, but they are more classy.

Branding Cost Calculator

It’s what helps you take control of your audience. Branding is a process of multi-factor study of the market, consumers, niches, product characteristics that can act as magnets. It’s easier to fight for the attention of the user if you have a personality. Branding gives a company a unique voice, and the lack of it often results in a product looking like a faceless copy paste blob.

You can choose to do branding for the digital product with a custom web application development company in order to increase its visibility, and find your own distinctive, one-of-a-kind personal identity. Branding is one of the options you can choose with an online website calculator.

To get a clearer picture, find an answer to the question of how much does it cost to build a website and what web development costs are made up of before making their first move.