Web Development

We have a long background in building a wide variety of web products from personal websites for small businesses to huge web applications that work on any device anywhere in the world, combining a robust back end for smooth and reliable operations with impressive UI interfaces based on the latest front-end technologies.

As a web development company, we have tremendous experience developing for the web using Ruby on Rails (our primary web application development tool) and other popular frameworks and can create for you a high performance and secure web app with rich functionality.

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Our web development services and capabilities

We are ready to use our web development services to promote the growth of your web project no matter its stage of development, from the initial when there is only the idea present, to the final one, when all it needs is support and maintenance.

We are looking to modernize, reinvent, and refurbish web development with cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and development trends. Our integration of third-party services allows you to benefit from the entire industry talent, hiring web developers with a proven track record of success.

How Our Web Development Company Works

Our products are the result of strong expertise, a clear understanding of tasks, and deep immersion in the client’s business. We do our best to find the fluent balance between the experimental approach and a solid methodology that we use according to the challenges every new project presents. A streamlined web application development process allows us to make custom web development services at affordable cost-effective prices possible and create software faster and more cost-efficiently while remaining as transparent as possible.

  • Production scheduling

    Planning the works. Structuring the effort. Projecting the budget.

  • UI/UX design

    Designing the foreground pages. Designing the UI elements. Creating User Experience. Delivering the prototype.

  • Web application development

    Working on the backend development code. Writing the compiled code. Documenting the code. Building UI (front end development) using the latest web development technologies.

  • Web app testing- QA/Release

    Fine-tuning the system. Managing the release. Deploying the web application.

  • Website Maintenance and support

    Planned activity support. Performance testing. Committing enhancements.

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Custom Web Development Technologies

Website development is the core of our existence. We truly believe that the website industry takes itself to another level by the height of the standards it sets.  As new web development technologies emerge and take over, it is extremely important to stay within the current, know, or sometimes set the trends by being bold and dreamy.

The easily accessible, intuitive, and relevant interface is what we strive for in our front-end web development. The way our websites and apps look and interact with a user is the pinnacle of our performance. We only use well-established, tested, yet innovative web development technologies including React, Angular, TypeScript, Next.js, Gatsby.js, and others.

React JS

React JS









Styled Components

Styled Components

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS

What our clients say about us

Ramy Al-Kadhi
Ramy Al-KadhiFounder, The Social Corporations

“The project had a positive outcome. [The application] has become a hot property in the Middle East.“

T.J. Demark
T.J. DemarkDeMark Analytics LLC President

“Shakuro has delivered high-quality coding work and a user-friendly interface.”

Carlo Cisco
Carlo CiscoFounder & CEO, SELECT

“Our members loved the new iOS app. Our ratings shot up in the App Store from a 3.8 rating to a 4.8 rating.”


We offer website design, development, and maintenance services, including e-commerce solutions, content management systems, and custom web applications.

Web development case studies

Being a student of the game is a cornerstone of competitiveness, especially in an ever-growing and dynamic industry of web development. Our team is constantly studying the newest technologies and design trends while sharing their experience along the way. Websites we build are responsive, fast, versatile, designed with the best practices in mind. They are increasing impact for clients from a variety of industries. Find out how our web development services helped businesses in our portfolio.