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Brand Identity and Mobile App for VIP Membership Card

SELECT is a private membership community with benefits for business and recreational travelers, nightlife aficionados, restaurant connoisseurs, and people with an active social life.



Carlo Cisco, the founder of SELECT, approached us with an initial task of creating a unified brand concept. The company needed a modern and complete look before applying it to all the products including a mobile app, a website, a metal membership card, and all sorts of brand collateral.

  • React
  • Swyft
  • Objective-C


It is always particularly challenging to tap into a brand that has an established audience because a brand is not a logo, it’s not even a product it sells. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product and the way it can affect their image of themselves. In that regard, the more users are familiar with a brand, the more brands there are to redesign. In the case with SELECT, there were hundreds of members and the first thing we had to explore is what the brand is for all of them.

select logo

Scope of Work

The scope of our involvement beyond branding was a mobile app and a website redesign as well. Oddly enough, the website was the easiest to plan and prepare for while it took the biggest portion of work in terms of design and development.


The challenge with the app we faced right away was a huge variability of phones the current app had been installed on. Because this was a redesign project, we got a lot of insights from the client and had to design features in a way that the new app would not alienate any of the existing users.

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Identity System

To give SELECT a new look, we took inspiration from nature and the way it can be interpreted in human-made design. This gave us a luxurious feel of the natural shapes inherited by some of the most expensive products on the market.



This stylescape got us thinking in the direction of combining raw, yet monumentally beautiful curved shapes as if created by water erosion and a definitive futuristic tech element to balance out the tranquility.

select branding
select branding
select branding
select branding
select branding
select branding

Mobile App Design

With the new branding having been tested on some tangible products, it was time to apply it in a digital realm, SELECT’s most significant touchpoint with its users — the app.
The existing app had technical issues coupled with outdated design and compromised usability.


Research & Result

Nevertheless, it had a large count of daily users that we had to onboard to the new app painlessly and in a timely fashion.

The new app received a true dark theme, a set of new icons, a custom map, and an updated user concierge feature. These design solutions were also used for the redesign of the Android application.

select mockup
select mockup

Web Design

Website update came along naturally after the app was designed and implemented. The new website was responsible for the desktop version of the SELECT app experience and featured a more robust discovery functionality offering a complex filtering and search capabilities coupled with stunning imagery.

select site

Landing Page

For the new visitors of the landing page, we have provided a quick tour on the SELECT benefits, testimonials, and product ecosystem.

Landing Page

Web Platform With Hotel Check-in and Restaurant Reservation Capabilities

Since SELECT’s partnerships span across multiple industries, some required a custom approach to designing functionality.

Specifically, hotel search partner API provided a robust search and reservation features that we have wrapped into a consistent interface and experience.

web platform


The design and production of the app took less than 4 months and the process naturally transformed into a website redesign project which we’ll update this case study with once the new website is launched.


App Development Technology Stack

We also took pleasure in using some of the latest tools like using complex algorithms for data analytics, the possibility for users to get immediate basic feedback without interacting with human instructors, and search for other courses that match the user’s interests.



Google Maps



CI tool


Integration With 1 300 000+ Service Partners

Over the years SELECT has build firm partnerships with the best venues in the world including those in dining, hotels, events, lifestyle, nightlife, travel, business, entertainment, activities, and other categories of bookings.


Concierge (Personal Assistant) to Assist With Bookings

To assist users with their reservations, bookings, opportunities, and overall membership benefits, SELECT has created a 24/7 Concierge service available to paid members. This is not a chatbot or AI, but rather a real human having your best interest at heart.

Concierge (Personal Assistant) to Assist With Bookings

Cross-Platform Mobile Application

An originally iOS-native application has gotten its Android implementation shortly after the original version was released, making the app accessible across all major digital touchpoints.

Link to App StoreLink to Play Market Store
select branding

The Journey Goes on

One of the challenges of working with larger brands is maintenance. Supporting the brand in its evolution is the responsibility of a design agency. We are lucky to be able to test our work with SELECT’s real users.

Over time, we have released multiple updates, developed new brand collateral materials, designed presentations, and added functionality. The SELECT project is complete and wholesome, but it lives and we are happy to see it change and be a part of it.

Customer testimonial

Our members loved the new iOS app. Our ratings shot up in the App Store from a 3.8 rating to a 4.8 rating
Carlo Cisco
Carlo Cisco
Founder & CEO, SELECT
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