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Custom Mobile App Development

Now that more than half the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile phones, custom mobile app development isn’t just good business: it’s mission-critical. Сonsumers expect to receive an amazing mobile experience from every business.

A well-designed mobile app can be much quicker than a website and it’s more personalized. Apps let you use mobile channels for attracting customers in the most efficient way. Choose a smoother user experience and elevate your brand with the expertise of our mobile app development company.

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We've been providing mobile app development services for Android and iOS since 2008, both witnessing and contributing to the remarkable growth of this industry. Our mobile app design services evolve along with the technology, but our core mission will always be the same: providing excellent custom mobile app development services and building beautiful, intuitive, reliable applications.

Our custom mobile app development services include

Custom iOS app development for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Custom android app development for Android phones, tablets, and wearables.

Transparent mobile app design services and development using time and task management tools.

Research, prototyping, usability testing, code review, and deployment.

Support, maintenance, and updates.

Our Team

Our team of app developers includes specialists in iOS and Android who utilize the best features of both platforms to make sure we deliver original and consistent experiences along with maintaining complete transparency throughout the mobile app development process. Want to outsource your app development? Let our team help you utilize your resources and time in an effective manner.

Our Applications

We are ready to provide you with the custom app development services you require. Creating mobile app solutions for e-commerce, finance, health, sports, social media, event planning services, video tutoring platforms, and more. We have extensive experience in creating apps and providing mobile app design services for world-famous CG communities like building an e-commerce platform for digital artists involving the whole mobile app development process from prototyping to support. Our native mobile app development services will turn your vision into reality.

Mobile application development essentials at Shakuro


We pursue the best possible mobility performance by integrating optimized back end systems, data handling, and fast UIs.


We manage the risks of today’s mobile environment by using rigorous security standards at every stage of the mobile app development process.

User Experience

Mobility is a staple in computing today. We, as a mobile app development company, deliver stunning user-centric products with performance to match your business needs.

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Custom iOS App Development
As the preeminent mobile platform, iOS isn’t just trendsetting but standard-setting. We use the latest tools and technologies to stay on top of cross platform mobile app development for Apple devices and discover new opportunities for your ideas.
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Custom Android App Development
Android is making big leaps in the mobility world, and we make sure our application development skills are right in step. Our Android team is knowledgeable and well-versed in building a wide variety of apps using the benefits of native mobile app development.


What is custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile app development is creating unique apps to fit specific business needs, with personalized features for efficient use.

What range of mobile app development services do you offer?

What's the difference between cross-platform and native mobile app development?

How much would my mobile app development cost?

How long will it take to build and launch my app?