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Produced a website for a digital artist marketplace

Cubebrush is an online marketplace built by artists, for artists. A place they can buy digital art resources to use wherever they like, personally or commercially.

We’ve developed Cubebrush to work especially well for artists and students in the film, game, media and entertainment industries. Though, we believe Cubebrush can be massively useful regardless of the industry.



The client came to us with an idea to make an e-commerce platform where people could open their store and show their content.


We developed Cubebrush throughout its full project lifecycle. This involved strategy and planning, prototyping, UI/UX designing, web development and then support. Working on all stages has allowed us to achieve outstanding results with Cubebrush.

Through the design and development stages, we made use of UI Toolkit. This meant that multiple developers could work simultaneously on the project while keeping consistency and flow throughout our work.

Cubebrush was built to look beautiful. Our minimalistic flat design allows for full legibility and extremely quick performance on all devices while keeping its aesthetics.



Having had previous experience with the digital art business, we were able to deliver the client exactly what they needed — an efficient and specific shopping experience.

Cubebrush is a large online marketplace for artists, game developers, and designers where they can buy digital art resources to use in personal or commercial projects.

Marc Brunet - Cubebrush

Marc Brunet

CEO, Cubebrush

It’s been a very, very cool casual partnership that we’ve had. [...] It’s almost like they’re my employees.