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Our core belief in success is bound with the accomplishments of our clients. As their extension, we take pride in their success which is our common main goal. We have been blessed with an opportunity to work with such outstanding people.
Carlo Cisco - SELECT
Carlo Cisco
Founder & CEO, SELECT
Our members loved the new iOS app. [...] Our ratings shot up in the App Store from a 3.8 rating to a 4.8 rating.
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Nana Wilberforce, Ph.D - Builddie
Nana Wilberforce, Ph.D
Co-Founder & CEO, Builddie
Their depth of knowledge is second to none, their ability to simplify the complex is exceptional.
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Oliver Sotirios Bourne - WYSPR
Oliver Sotirios Bourne
Sales Director, WYSPR
They’re skilled at translating the client’s vision into a reality.
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Alexey Khusnitdinov - Fourpicapital
Alexey Khusnitdinov
CEO, Fourpicapital
They had a deep understanding of my company.
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Steven Lee - Fit For Bucks
Steven Lee
Founder, Fit For Bucks
Everybody who’s seen the app tells me how much they like it. I’m very pleased with the app.
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Lincoln Smith - Swyft
Lincoln Smith
VP of Marketing, Swyft
[Their team] has been built to succeed at what they do and scale with large businesses.
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Manny Fragelus - CG Master Academy
Manny Fragelus
Owner & CEO, CG Master Academy
The team's timely, cost-effective, and consistent high-caliber work sets them apart.
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David Almeida - Multifamily Modeling
David Almeida
Founder & CEO, Multifamily Modeling
They provided quick response time, professionalism, and great recommendations throughout the project.
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Bobby Warren - Arthur W. Page Society
Bobby Warren
Technology Manager, Arthur W. Page Society
We saw a 60.53% increase in usage after we updated. [...] We’ve gotten all kinds of praise from our members.
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Zeeshan Merchant - OMD UAE
Zeeshan Merchant
HR Business Partner, OMD UAE
Our employees have received the app positively. They use it quite frequently.
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Kirill Chepizhko - Secret Pacific Division
Kirill Chepizhko
CEO, Secret Pacific Division
Their integrity is the most impressive trait. [...] Their candor gave us considerable value.
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Marc Brunet - Cubebrush
Marc Brunet
CEO, Cubebrush
It’s been a very, very cool casual partnership that we’ve had. [...] It’s almost like they’re my employees.
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Anthony Gallo & Joe Randall - GenesisOne
Anthony Gallo & Joe Randall
President & Technical Lead, GenesisOne
I have the impression that Shakuro's team hates wasting time and milking people for money.
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Latif Baluch - Im in Diary
Latif Baluch
Co-founder, Im in Diary
We got featured by Apple, and they commented on the design and quality.
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Charles Doyon - Lonely Walls
Charles Doyon
CEO, Lonely Walls
Other vendors said this project would be too difficult but Shakuro was able to pull it off.
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Alan Foster - Lore Media
Alan Foster
CEO, Lore Media
Shakuro engages with their customers to be sure they have a superior experience.
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Tal Gruenwald -
Tal Gruenwald
They’re great at recruiting talent, which has allowed us to grow relatively quickly. [...] We are 100% satisfied.
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Paul Krion -
Paul Krion
Director of Engineering,
The most important thing was Shakuro's ability to adapt to new situations.
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Stan Prokopenko - Proko
Stan Prokopenko
Founder, Proko
Their organization and skill level are excellent. Shakuro hires very skilled developers who know what they’re doing so they don’t waste time.
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Nir Pinhasov - SalesTech
Nir Pinhasov
CTO, SalesTech
We saw a significant revenue increase after four months of working with them.
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Francis Skehan - San Mateo Construction
Francis Skehan
Owner, San Mateo Construction
We never had a statistic like that before and we are saving a lot of money with the system we now have.
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Ramy Al-Kadhi - The Social Corporations
Ramy Al-Kadhi
Founder, The Social Corporations
The project had a positive outcome. [The application] has become a hot property in the Middle East.
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Leon Gurevich - Ubiquity Media Inc.
Leon Gurevich
CEO, Ubiquity Media Inc.
They make themselves available, even on weekends, to meet deadlines and timelines.
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