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Our core belief in success is bound with the accomplishments of our clients. As their extension, we take pride in their success which is our common main goal. We have been blessed with an opportunity to work with such outstanding people.
Lincoln Smith - Swyft
Lincoln Smith
VP of Marketing, Swyft
Shakuro’s design work is absolutely outstanding. … their team’s been able to deliver on every expectation we’ve had.
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Manny Fragelus - CG Master Academy
Manny Fragelus
Owner & CEO, CG Master Academy
The team's timely, cost-effective, and consistent high-caliber work sets them apart.
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Bobby Warren - Arthur W. Page Society
Bobby Warren
Technology Manager, Arthur W. Page Society
I’m confident that when they [Shakuro] hand something to me, I don’t have to check it in every browser. They write quality code.
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Steven Lee - Fit For Bucks
Steven Lee
Founder, Fit For Bucks
Their project management is top notch. Our project manager is the best I've ever seen..
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Zeeshan Merchant - OMD UAE
Zeeshan Merchant
HR Business Partner, OMD UAE
In terms of our vision, we had things in mind and they executed what we wanted.
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Marc Brunet - Cubebrush
Marc Brunet
CEO, Cubebrush
They’re [Shakuro] meeting the deadlines and communication is clear.
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Anthony Gallo & Joe Randall - GenesisOne
Anthony Gallo & Joe Randall
President & Technical Lead, GenesisOne
The one thing which really stands out for me, based on working with numerous IT professionals in general, is the speed with which Shakuro can grasp what we're trying to do.
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Latif Baluch - Im in Diary
Latif Baluch
Co-founder, Im in Diary
I think what really stands out to me is that they’re very professional.
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Alan Foster - Lore Media
Alan Foster
CEO, Lore Media
Shakuro engages with their customers to be sure they have a superior experience.
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Tal Gruenwald -
Tal Gruenwald
Shakuro did and continues to do great work.
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Paul Krion -
Paul Krion
Director of Engineering,
The quality of work they delivered was always good.
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Nir Pinhasov - SalesTech
Nir Pinhasov
CTO, SalesTech
They were detail oriented, and the code reflected this.
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Francis Skehan - San Mateo Construction
Francis Skehan
Owner, San Mateo Construction
They take initiative and don’t waste time building something that’s not useful for me just for more money.
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Kirill Chepizhko - Secret Pacific Division
Kirill Chepizhko
CEO, Secret Pacific Division
They were transparent in setting costs and giving feedback.
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Ramy Al-Kadhi - The Social Corporations
Ramy Al-Kadhi
Founder, The Social Corporations
I’m happy that the quality of the apps is top-class. My clients are happy.
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Leon Gurevich - Ubiquity Media Inc.
Leon Gurevich
CEO, Ubiquity Media Inc.
They have strong opinions on design and development… [Their feedback] made them feel like a partner on the team.
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