Designed as an internal mobile application for employees of Omnicom Media Group UAE, OMGene caters to its employees by modernizing the ways they interact.


We’ve developed Cubebrush to work especially well for artists and students in the film, game, media and entertainment industries. Though, we believe Cubebrush can be massively useful regardless of the industry.

Computer Graphics+

Discovering great art is difficult. We’ve made it easier with our CG community built from scratch, where some amazing artists are connecting with each other right now on mobile and web.

No Parking Enforcement

Mobile app development for NPE, the first parking service offering jobs in a fully automated and transparent technological way.

My Movies

We made My Movies compatible with any devices: from mobile to TV ones. The app may be easily downloaded from the Google Play store or App Store and provide hours of on-the-go entertainment with your own portable movie library.

Vida E-Tree

Not all Christmas trees have to be the same, we created something unique, specially for the Festive campaign in Dubai

Arthur W. Page Society

World’s leading professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives and educators &

Dealing with paper documents, bills and checks becomes effortless with Scan the documents, edit and arrange them any way you like all in one app


More than anything, we wanted to bring fantasy eSports to a new level. The whole process, through prototyping to design has been based around building a logically smooth user experience.