Designing Meaning Through Writing

Designing Meaning Through Writing | Shakuro

For the past year, word design or UX writing solidified itself as a legit part of digital design, namely UI and UX. The request for a clear and concise copy has always been out there and in different periods of time, it reflected the social realms of its time.

How AI Wipes Out UI

Image credit: Alec Cooks

“Don’t worry, human intelligence will never be replaced by machines.” That’s what I was told as a freshman foreign languages student at a university. That was the time the concerns about the machine translation taking over the human, first came up. For an honest average playgoer, language is nothing but a set of words put in a specific order based on some (not so) simple rules. Learning languages is a grind. Knowing languages is extremely rewarding.

The future of e-commerce: custom or licensed

Even the greatest product won’t sell itself unless placed on the right track.

As an aspiring startup owner or a successful entrepreneur, you’ve been focusing on polishing your product or service to the point where it becomes an up-market commodity you are proud of. You know its worth and you know how to sell it to the customer. You know where to start but hardly see where the journey might lead you.

Beautiful and functional interfaces: Bridging the two worlds

Beautiful and functional interfaces: Bridging the two worlds | Shakuro

In 2012, when working as a tech writer at a production company, I made a business trip to one of Henkel’s manufacturing facilities with a task to study their logistical business process formal description and documents. I won’t remember a word from those docs but what I will always remember is what I was later. After doing what I was supposed to, I was taken on a highlight tour all across the facility, including the chemical production site where I saw heavy machinery operating on robotics, long multi-level conveyor bands transporting thousands of bottles of chemicals and I also was let in the control center where all the numerous processes were being operated from.

Outsource Hiring Vs Recruit In-House

Image credit: Paul Gilmore

For decades, hiring has been Achilles’ heel of digital product outsourcing. Before everything else comes team building. To build a team you need a steady supply of professionals. Finding the right people to join your team is a challenge that a lot of teams struggle with. The following is the story of our hiring, our bumps and bruises with recruitment, and how we’ve come to a full-blown HR department in a company that is all standing up for outsourcing.

How to microcopy …and not be a smart ass

How to microcopy and not be a smart ass | Shakuro

I’ve been noticing tiny witty words and expressions in user interfaces since I first started using a computer. Having no particular goal, I would just roam around wherever the Windows 95 system would let me. For some reason, it felt like I was interacting with an artificial intelligence that had nothing to deal with a real human being. I was trying to find something no one has ever seen before. And of course, at the time I didn’t think humans wrote all those words. In the age of pre-internet, it was all Unknown…

Adjustive Ecommerce Platform Principles For Consistent Retail Experience

Image credit Alex Knight

In the rapidly evolving customer-based business, it’s vital for retailers to be sensitive to even the slightest changes in consumer behavior. However, retailers need to commit to their business goals which requires consistency. How do you use a dynamic responsive approach while maintaining consistency? Do you immediately buy into the hype and add fad functionality to cater to as much customers as possible or refine your retail experiences to stand the test of time?

Wireframing 101: Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Image credit: Alex Sailer

When I first started as a writer in Shakuro, I was super excited to finally have a chance to release some of my epistolary creativity that I thought I had in me. After working as a technical writer for quite some time, writing for the web and mobile design, influencing user experience, and contributing to delightful interfaces seemed everything but boring to me.

The History Of Outsourcing

The History Of Outsourcing | Shakuro

The world without outsourcing is hard to imagine today. What once started as an economic movement, dictated by the rapidly evolving nature of capitalism, became a cultural phenomenon that united our 7,917.5 miles in diameter planet more than anything in the history of our kind. Almost contradictory to the laws of human perception of one another, despite the rudiments of our tribal mentality, and regardless of all the xenophobic displays of the worst of us, we somehow managed to sustain an ethical work scheme that runs our world today.

Straight Outta Fitness App

Straight Outta Fitness App | Shakuro

This morning I stumbled upon a funny story on Instagram, it said: “imagine Instagram was gone. BOOM! You’re not a model anymore”. It’s about the fitness modeling trend that blew up a couple years ago on social media. There’s nothing wrong with being an instagram model or a facebook personality, just like there’s nothing wrong with being a youtuber; you can make a very decent living just doing that.

Making Money Off Your App

Making Money Off Your App | Shakuro

Recently, I’ve worked on a slogan for our 2018 website update. At Shakuro, we do websites and mobile apps. Mostly for clients, but also our own startups. While thinking of a cool slogan, I digressed into thinking what kind of apps are out there and why people bother buying and installing mobile apps.