UI/UX Design Services

At Shakuro, we offer UI/UX design services for startups and established businesses and deliver mobile and web products that make an impact and win the audience's attention. We love to help great companies fulfill their potential through our custom design services.

Shakuro, a UI/UX design agency creates state-of-the-art interfaces and designs smart digital products for business and entertainment, builds brands, websites, apps, and other software. Our UI/UX design services focus on helping you realize your vision and showcase your products to generate greater profit.

Web design

Mobile app design

Graphic design

Motion design

Why custom design is important

Your app or website has the potential to become your most important marketing asset. For that, it should accurately reflect the nature and philosophy of your business and no ready-made template is capable of that. Our clients make use of our mobile app design services and web design services when cookie-cutter solutions no longer cut it and get tangible results and boost their audience experience with user focused designs.

Without proper brand strategy consulting and a unique concept, it’s very difficult to unlock the brand’s potential, create and control a planned internet presence. Professional UI/UX designers, experienced at exploring the meaning of design, different types of design and its different applications in different contexts, can help create your consistent story and do it fast and beautifully inside and out thanks to a solution-based approach and tested design process you can look through below.

High-End Chauffeur Service App
Precision Medication Platform Branding and UX
Terraview Dashboard Design Concept
Pillars - SRE Platform Website Design
E-Commerce Admin Dashboard Design Concept
Mining Dashboard UI Elements
Culture Pulse 3D Illustration
High-End Chauffeur Service App
Telematics Company SaaS Dashboard
Terraview Dashboard Design Concept
Pillars - SRE Platform Website Design
E-Commerce Admin Dashboard Design Concept
High-End Chauffeur Service App
Telematics Company SaaS Dashboard
Doctor’s Dashboard Design Concept
Terraview Dashboard Design Concept
Pillars - SRE Platform Website Design
AJP NFT 3D Illustration
E-Commerce Admin Dashboard Design Concept
Telematics Company SaaS Dashboard
Doctor’s Dashboard Design Concept
Shakuro Agency Showreel
Shakuro Agency Showreel
Shakuro Agency Showreel

Our design approach

Why design matters

Design humanizes technology. It brings delight and makes people feel safe and taken care of. The interface is the front side of the product, the experience is how people feel about it. We design both.

What will happen

With the unique Retina experience comes the need for an impeccable design of an app’s UI. Apple’s obsession with UX set the bar for apps’ usability. Our duty is to follow that road in design and provide top-notch iOS App Development Services.

We stand behind our work and explain everything we can. It's not cheap but our costs for the mobile app design services and the web design services are real and never exceed the limit. As a UI/UX design company, we get hired to make a profit and our job is to render custom design services to build reliable, functional, and beautiful digital products.

  • We'll have a team of five experts assigned to your project at the start.
  • There is a 70% chance you'll return to us with another idea.
  • Though this is about design, we are also developers, including the CEO.

Our creative design process

In order to design, build, and launch your new successful and usable mobile app or website we implement the following process broken down into 6 distinct steps and honed over a decade of design experience. The first aim and the gateway intention of any design are to engage a user. We thoroughly study every new case to find that unique trait to build upon.

  • Research

    A visual appeal must come with a purpose. First, you need to identify market trends and consumer behavior. We combine engaging UI elements with clear-cut actions to create an agile experience.

  • Prototyping

    Next comes the phase when using the research data and having gone through multiple iterations, adjustments, and refinements, we leverage our prototyping services to come up with a visual prototype ready for the initial review.

  • Applying feedback & improvements

    We diligently study our client’s business goals, walk them through the various design concepts, entangle them into the interface, and create a user experience, while staying sensitive to the feedback at all stages.

  • UI design & UI kit

    The technical part of the mobile app design or web UI design is arranging all the assets, tools, styles, fonts, patterns, and color schemes into reusable and handy kits of interface elements to be used while designing your website or app.

  • Adding animation & supervising quality

    We revitalize the designs with beautiful custom animation and incorporate stunning illustration designs to create an engaging and delightful experience. All that under the close supervision of implementation quality.

Our principles

We apply the following principles to have a shared understanding of our professional design services and approach. They act as beacons and help us create quality products and always deliver expected results ensuring that your investment in design is worth it.

Above all expectations in usability, interaction, functional, and «catchiness», lies the ability to read users' minds and predict their intentions. Understanding what users need from the product or service you are building is essential to its success. That, we believe, is the core of User Experience Design.



The e-learning sector is evolving at an unprecedented pace, promising to fundamentally change the way we approach education and professional development.To illustrate this point, consider Proko, a web platform offering high-quality art instruction videos and tutorials. They approached us with an ambitious vision: to evolve their product into a comprehensive e-learning and communication platform. You could check the result here


Social Platforms

In today's world of constant scrolling and short attention spans, it's really important to create social media designs that grab people's attention. Using attractive visuals can help your content get noticed and make people pause as they scroll through their feeds. Take Void, for example. Imagine a place where gamers can unite, share their achievements, and support each other's growth – all within a single, streamlined experience.



Fintech design focuses on empowering users to manage money with confidence through clear interfaces and helpful features. This approach sets fintech apps apart from traditional banking, which can often feel overwhelming for newcomers.So how does user-friendly fintech design translate to real-world benefits? Look at Solio: this South Korean mobile trading app simplifies stock exploration for non-trader users. The design features built-in automations, from full portfolio purchases to robotic advisor suggestions, all within a safe and encouraging environment



Web3 design is revamping the online experience for a new era of user-owned data and community-driven projects. As creators and entrepreneurs embrace decentralization, web3 design moves beyond basic aesthetics to prioritize user experience (UX) and clear communication.In applying these principles, we partnered with AAX Lite, a mobile app designed to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the mainstream audience. Recognizing the vast potential of the over 300 million people curious about crypto but lacking the expertise to navigate existing platforms, AAX Lite prioritizes user experience. With design, we aimed to design the app that feels intuitive and not intimidating for potential crypto investors.


Our UI UX Design Services stand out due to our user-centric solutions, innovative designs, and seamless functionality, ensuring outstanding user experiences.