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Exquisite design and flawless execution of native iOS apps — the gold standard of mobile development.

Numbers might say otherwise, but in the appeal-ridden world of mobile apps, there is nothing like the iOS platform. Its long-time established leadership in design and usability still holds the fort. We are a custom iOS app development company designing and developing applications for iOS since 2008 through its multiple versions and findings that affect the industry of mobile apps like nothing else. Our strength lies in iOS app development and iOS app testing, delivering satisfying results every time.


Our iOS app development agency comprises a team of five highly skilled developers with experience in not only iPad and iPhone app development, but also for macOS, Apple Watch, and other top-notch products. Our custom iOS app development services will transform your ideas into quality apps for iOS.

iOS app development process

With the outstanding quality of delivery media that are Apple devices, we, as an iOS app development company are bound to the high standards of iOS application design and development. Alongside this, we make sure the apps we build are timely, bold, and innovative.

Setting the stage

At this step of building an iOS app, we create the future app concept, development strategy, study cases, and set the project to the crouching start.

Designing the look and feel

With the unique Retina experience comes the need for an impeccable design of an app’s UI. Apple’s obsession with UX set the bar for apps’ usability. Our duty is to follow that road in design and provide top-notch iOS App Development Services.

Developing an app

Our team of experts, developing apps for iOS share a committed passion to clean and functional code using the best features of Objective-C and Swift programming languages. Furthermore, we utilize the best back-end services for a solid foundation of smooth application work.

Infusing with services

Modern mobile apps have massive opportunities for third-party services integration. iOS apps we build are easily integrated with various data sources and content channels.

Testing performance

As an iOS app development company, we believe that application usability and functional performance can’t be compromised. Design elements must have a smooth response and while building an iOS app, the entire facilities of iOS have to be used for the better of the app. This is what we ensure time and time while developing apps for iOS and during the iOS app testing.

Deploying the output

We make sure we follow the Apple guidelines with the objective of making a seamless App Store launch. On top of that, we provide all the necessary services for running the app distribution.

Maintaining operability

The application release is the tip of the iceberg. While developing apps for iOS, there is a ton of optimization and maintenance to be done to tune the apps and reach further in their performance achievements.

Hand setting up smartwatches on wrist

Our interest in device versatility goes beyond building apps for iPhone and iPad. As of now, we are intensifying our watchOS development program to tackle the apps for the wearables market. With the Internet-of-Things concept finally making it into reality, it makes perfect sense to integrate tvOS into the development stack and look to help our clients explore new grounds for their business.

WatchOS development

Utilizing the full potential of Apple Watch usability, we create beautiful UIs and envelop the wearables experience into the entire application ecosystem, allowing your users to:

Benefit from fitness options

Become more productive

Deal with payments on another level

Commute and navigate better

Always stay in touch with little distraction

Why make an app for iOS

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Apple’s share of global smartphone profits
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1.5 billion
active Apple device users
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iPhones sold every minute

Technologies we use

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Being Apple`s primary programming language, it`s an obvious must for our iOS developers to hold expertise in. We use Swift as our main tool of custom iOS app development to create immersive, responsive, and user-friendly multipurpose apps for iPhone and iPad.
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During iOS mobile app development, Objective-C delivers functionality through object-oriented techniques and its relatively simple syntax allows time-efficient building while maintaining flexibility and power.
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Xcode IDE
We use Xcode environment to connect UI controls to the implementation code, parse, and debug it to ultimately deliver versatile and productive iOS applications and high-quality iPhone app development services.
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Your technology
We don`t just rely on familiar tools and technologies. As the industry progresses, we stay in tune with time and always explore new achievements. We`ll gladly learn a new tool, master new technology, or test a new approach if it favors your app and helps enhance the project.


At Shakuro, we specialize in custom iOS app development. These apps work seamlessly on phones, tablets, and wearable devices. | We have experience developing apps for various industries, including online shopping, art communities, healthcare, education, smart homes, and connected devices. Our iOS app development team is dedicated to turning your ideas into user-friendly and effective mobile solutions. Whether you're looking to boost sales, connect with your audience, or improve daily tasks, we've got you covered at Shakuro.

Building iOS apps that rock

For over ten years we’ve been successful in native iOS app development. Apps that get featured in AppStore which ultimately means better ranking, more downloads, and higher revenue as a result.