Educational Mobile App Ideas For 2022

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The main task of a mobile e-learning application is to bring real benefits to people. Only in this way will the application be widely used, with people returning to it again and again. In this article, we will offer to conduct an e-learning market research and 5 brilliant ideas that you might find helpful in developing an educational app.

E-learning market size

The e-learning market size in 2021 reveals that this is the fastest-growing market sector on the web. It has a steady growth rate of over 20%! That is why it’s totally worth thinking about creating an educational app to help people to become smarter and increase your income at the same time. 

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One of the top apps in the Education App store category — Picturethis

If we look at the most popular App Store categories in 2021, we can see that educational apps are in demand now:
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Conducting research before creating a mobile app

Before creating an app in any category, we advise doing some deep research on the topic. It will help you to find the advantages and disadvantages of your idea and identify the strong and weak points of your concept and even decide how to design an e-learning app.

Desk market research for an app

In the course of your desk research of the available data, you need to discover how many people are using similar apps right now and if this figure continues to grow. Try to find any information about the number of users and the revenue growth.

Focus groups of the app target audience

Create 1–5 focus groups, consisting of 12–30 people. For example, one group might include boys and girls aged 9–12, another — men and women aged 19–40 with children, and other types of target audiences of the future app. The purpose of a focus group is to examine the attitudes of the participants towards a learning application by interests and life circumstances. 

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E-learning animated illustration by Shakuro

In-depth interviews with potential users of the app

Conduct 2–5 in-depth interviews with respondents of different ages.
Based on the results, you can conclude if the respondents are positive about the creation of your proposed application. Are they willing to pay for offline mode and no ads? Or create a poll with questionnaire:

  • The service to use is Google Forms
  • Number of respondents: 100-500 people
  • Information collection channels: social networks
e-learning-app Brainly

One of the top apps in the Education App store category — Brainly

Key indicators of educational mobile app usage and revenue

Do you know what percentage of apps, what percentage of apps get abandoned after being used only once? It’s 75%!  And on average, 100,000 new Android apps are uploaded to the Google Play Store every month. By the way, that’s three times more than in the Apple App Store.


App Store app releases

As for educational app creators, we also have good news for you: the most popular apps in this category (such as Duolingo) earn up to $117 million a year! So, creating a tremendous and sought-after app can be very profitable!  Learn more about how much you need to spend to build an e-learning app.

e-learning app Quizlet

One of the top apps in the Education App store category — Quizlet

Five brilliant ideas for educational app startups that will be successful in 2021–2022

Are you looking for innovative ideas for educational apps? Then these five simple yet genius ideas are for you. Analyze, critique, and get inspired to generate yours! 

Book sharing app 

Book lovers will appreciate it. Not everyone who enjoys reading has enough money to buy e-books all the time. In this situation, your application will save them. The essence of the service is simple: users collect books in their mini-library and provide an opportunity for others to read them too. As additional features, you can add chat, the ability to schedule offline meetings, ranking books by category, and so on.

App to find an online tutor 

COVID-19 has changed the entire education system and forced students to change their traditional education format to online education. And the need for tutors has not disappeared. On the contrary, it has grown: the majority of schoolchildren find it harder to study remotely. So there is a big demand for online tutors. You can solve this problem by creating a tutor finder app that considers location, experience, skills, tuition fees, and so on.
There are two main options for monetizing an app. You can either charge a monthly tuition fee or request a specific payment for each lesson.


Online education app concept by Shakuro

Reading aloud app

You have had a long day; you have no strength to do anything when you return home. There’s an email from your mom right in your inbox, and you don’t have the energy to read it. Just scan the letter and let this app read it aloud. Same is for big articles or posts.
If you can create such an application, it will become famous among those who like to procrastinate, and perhaps it will become a hit overnight.

App with local courses for learning enthusiasts

Such an application brings together people interested in self-development and offers various courses (it doesn’t matter if paid or free, taking place online, or requiring a real presence). In addition, the application should provide the ability to select the area to find courses with a convenient location and search for online classes around the world.
The opportunity to learn and engage in self-development is incredibly in demand today. You can start with a local application offering online and offline courses in your area or city and then expand the location. The idea of ​​this application may be of interest to companies offering educational programs.

App with a deadline simulator

It is challenging to organize and deliver the project on time, and sometimes a person needs to be dropkicked right back. So that it irreplaceably accelerates the work process. So, we propose to create a deadline simulator application.
It convinces a person to move on with their work  with the help of reminders that sound like their  virtual boss. And all points are displayed on the timer. 

E-learning apps future

Live and learn! This phrase should become your life motto because it is never too late to learn. And never too early! Look at the enormous amount of time U.S. children spend on e-learning apps daily:
e-learning app time spending
We have shown the most exciting app ideas for education – from linguistics to a fight with procrastination, from book sharing to course sharing.
Let your users prepare their smartphones for an endless stream of knowledge, as the best app creator, you are on the way. And we are ready to equip you with everything you need – from the concept development to the final page design. So contact us, and we will create the highest-revenue learning app together!

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Written by Violet Rich

September 27, 2021

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