Low Code Development Services for Web-Based Solutions

The pain of stretched resources and tight deadlines can be overwhelming for a business of any size. When traditional ways don’t work and the time is pressing, you need tools to cut corners. Using our low-code development services, you can build a functional app or web platform within a short period.

webflow low code development

Why choose low-code app development?

Accelerated Development
Fast workflow
With low-code development platforms, you can develop projects faster than traditional coding methods. As a result, the time to bring your project to market is shorter, and you take a step ahead of your competitors.
Cost effective
Cost efficiency
The low-code solutions require less manual effort and programming experience. In terms of money, they are an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints. At the same time, you still get a functional and robust application.
Agility and Flexibility
While traditional approaches take a long time to adapt, these tools allow you to quickly perform and apply changes to your project. Your business can respond rapidly to market changes or customer demands.
With the help of low-code app development platforms, you can scale your projects to accommodate increased user loads or business growth. This process is less demanding in resources and time than custom approaches.

The process of low-code development

  • Discovery

    For starters, we dive into your project`s objectives, conduct market research, and gather valuable insights. This includes your target audience, industry trends, and competitor landscape.

  • Idea validation

    While keeping in mind your goals, we build wireframes that outline the structure of your application. The approved blueprint guides the development process, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

  • Development

    Together with our low-code developers, we transform the concept into a functional application. We build the core features, incorporate UI elements, and ensure a seamless experience.

  • Testing

    Before launching the app, we test and examine every aspect of the application. Our team identifies and solves any issues because we strive to deliver a reliable and bug-free application.

  • Deployment

    When testing is completed, we launch your app, making it accessible to your target audience on different platforms. During this process, we take into account each platform’s features.

webflow logo
webflow logo
Build functional applications & websites with Webflow

Using this solution, you can easily design, prototype, and launch responsive websites.

When opt for low-code app development

You have a tight deadline and you want to create a website or app fast.

Your project has a simple structure and easy-to-implement features.

You have a limited budget and resources for your project.

What our clients say about us

Ramy Al-Kadhi
Ramy Al-KadhiFounder, The Social Corporations

“The project had a positive outcome. [The application] has become a hot property in the Middle East.“

T.J. Demark
T.J. DemarkDeMark Analytics LLC President

“Shakuro has delivered high-quality coding work and a user-friendly interface.”

Carlo Cisco
Carlo CiscoFounder & CEO, SELECT

“Our members loved the new iOS app. Our ratings shot up in the App Store from a 3.8 rating to a 4.8 rating.”