Illustration Trends For 2023

Want to appeal to potential clients? By applying illustration trends, you can enhance the UI/UX designs and spice up the visuals. Discover trendy styles of 2023.


How come can you create a one-of-a-kind style for your product that will imprint in the customers’ minds? Finding a zest that will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors is a challenge. A powerful toolkit and cutting-edge UI/UX design are essential, however, they will look bland without a unique approach. 

Adding eye-catching illustrations is a go-to option if you want to attract as much attention as possible to your app or website. No wonder, 36.4% of marketing specialists use unique arts in their strategy. Did you add some pictures, but the new concepts were left unnoticed? When dealing with such things, you should consider people’s tastes too. What seems cool to you, will look mediocre to others. The latest crazes will help you make more impact with your visuals. 

Let us see if there are any illustration trends for 2023.

Back to the past

All new is a well-forgotten old. Thanks to popular movies, retro styles from the 80s and 90s have come back. They are represented by vibrant colors, distinctive outlines, and eye-popping contrasts. Apart from these means, the art trend also gets the advantage of patterns, typefaces, frames, grainy filters, and even emojis.

In such illustrations, the typography is often a starring component of the composition. The typefaces are large and rounded, with a thin black outline or even a 3D effect. The design helps distinguish the elements from the background.

Style from the 90s is an art trend

Back to 90’s worldwide by Aleksandar Savic

Thanks to the nostalgic feeling, these arts succeed at comforting the clients, giving them familiar vibes. Together with catchy looks, the 90s retro style is a perfect choice for your product. Popularized by Figma and Adobe, this illustration trend will be on top for another year or two. However, it’s better not to implement such art in all your designs: pick only those that really suit your branding and message.

Less is more

This phrase is a perfect motto for the minimalistic style. The design has been applied here and there for quite a long time and has become rather over-exposed. Moreover, its primary color scheme was mostly black and white. With time, famous companies like Apple started experimenting, adding more and more vibrant colors to their minimalistic designs. That decision made the brand message more prominent.

Minimalism is a popular art style

Life by Meghdeep Sarkar

Now the creators combine various palettes together to enhance this style. The approach includes low brightness, shapes, line drawings, previous trends in art, etc. The number of combinations is endless, and so are the opportunities to apply minimalism in concepts. For instance, businesses often use it in marketing campaigns to convey messages in a simple but attractive manner.

Hand-drawn illustrations

With AI generators taking over, hand-drawn designs become more and more appreciated. Yes, they require more time and effort, however, they are more attractive and unique. They bring value and build authenticity for the brand. Thanks to the unique looks, it’ll be impossible to imitate.

One of the illustration trends of 2023 is hand-drawn style

Portrait illustration by Srdjan Vidakovic

You can apply these trending arts in lifestyle, travel, and food restaurant apps to create a friendly atmosphere with a creative spark. Combined with a one-of-a-kind approach, you can create stunning visuals to support the original design. Still, if you are working on a more reserved concept like a financial app, it’s better to pick some other style.

Isometric perspective

Isometric art offers you a great advantage: you can present 2D objects in a three-dimensional perspective. This feature allows you to show additional details and contents without breaking the composition. Therefore, the art style succeeds at captivating the viewers for a long time, making them search for every little element.

3D art style is always trendy

Summer by Roman Klčo

This style has become an illustration trend for 2023 in infographics, advertisements, booklets, blogs, etc. Apart from marketing strategies, you can use isometry in educational materials for e-learning business and online courses.

Abstractionism in lines

Although line art looks simple, this feature is its main benefit. Lines can be very artistic and elegant: with a couple of thin strokes, you can create a stunning design. Thanks to a pinch of abstraction, it can be any object or human. Using colored lines, you will succeed in drawing the user’s attention to certain parts of the picture.

Abstract art trend helps you to evoke certain emotions

Plastic Fragments by Alexandra Zutto

This style is very versatile, and it is often applied by small businesses and medium-sized companies since the abstract lines are a never-fail solution. Evolved from minimalism, this art trend is especially popular in mobile app and web design.

3D clay compositions

The three-dimensional style has been popular for a while now. It represents the product or situation with more realism, so the viewer can relate to it. Thanks to different textures, rendering, and lighting, you can control the impact and emotions.

A variation of 3D art style is clay rendering

Chunky Taxi by Mohamed Chahin

Experiments with surfaces went further, and designers create compositions with 3D clay models that are similar to plasticine clay. While the classic approach uses smooth textures, this trend suggests applying rough ones. As a result, the objects have hand-made looks with fingerprints, scratches, and bumps. This design allows you to create unique concepts for almost any sphere. 

Nature-inspired arts

Global warming looms on the horizon, and people become more attracted to eco-friendly and aesthetic brands. If your business cares about the environment or creates organic products, natural designs will be the best option. They help you convey the ecological message. 

The color palette is similar to the one we see every day: muted greens, pastel blues, brown tones, etc. They are often accompanied by natural shapes like leaves, sun, clouds, or other objects. It comes as no surprise that such a style calms the clients’ minds, helping them to break free from the concrete jungle. 

The nature-inspired illustration trend is widely used by cosmetic, sports, and healthcare brands.

Nature-inspired art is a popular illustration trend

Energy of Water by Shakuro

How can unique illustrations improve your business?

Apart from creating attractive interfaces, you can use high-quality art to get other benefits. For instance: 

  •  Build the right branding strategy. A meaningful brand consists of many things: a clear message, texts that relate to the client’s pains, excellent products that solve them, and… vibrant illustrations. They are like the icing on the cake.
  • Create a certain image of the company. By adding art of a particular style, you can establish a desired image in the eyes of potential customers. Also, you will stand out from the crowd of competitors. The key here is consistency. 
  • Evoke specific emotions. They help you create a bond between the client and the product. The pictures will urge people to buy your items or services.
  • Attract the target auditory. The customers you aim at have similar tastes and problems. By implementing the art they like, you can ensure they will notice the product.

Use illustration trends to your advantage

With popular art styles, you can enhance the UI/UX designs, spice up the visuals, appeal to potential clients, and create branding. Depending on the approach, you can reach different goals. However, it’s better to pick the crazes that fit your business and strategy. Otherwise, there are high risks of wasting resources.

If you need a development team with vast experience and knowledge about the latest trends, contact us. With our services, you can create a product that is truly demanded by the users.

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