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Why Hire A Remote Development Team

Nowadays any type of business faces the challenges of technology at some point. Whether it is a website  launch, a mobile app creation, or a software idea that might turn the tables for you. The approach you take to crash those challenges is what decides if you are going to reinvent or boost your business performance, or just create one more headache and money hole.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”
– Tim Ferriss

why hire a remote dev team hero image | Shakuro

The old school approach was hiring ‘the guy” or even the team of nerds to figure out “that computer stuff”, but as computer technology grew into a science, it became impossible for the most part to have your own private scientist around. Add to that your own private artist in the face of a designer, or a bunch of them all with their specific field of play. Most businesses don’t work like that. And that is where people realized that even though the pool of knowledge, experience and inspiration are all in an open source, not all parts of the planet connected to that source are living the same way. Offshore development is a huge part of our reality and it’s entirely up to the management of the team to make it work. No matter how far you are physically if you are on the same track mentally.

Having an offshore team is like having a family in the different state.

Things are different if you can’t afford an offshore team, or you don’t need one constantly. Then you might consider hiring a remote outsource team. Now there are tons of material online about the pros and cons of working with a remote development team as well as the hardly arguable statements that it’s all about finding the right ones and so on. We are going to talk about what our agency has to offer, how we stuck through, and what we believe makes us a good choice for your web or mobile application design and development.

We started as a very natural and sort of spontaneous union of freelancers. Most of our employees know what self-employment tastes like. This creates a special attitude to the projects because of the responsibility for every aspect of it.

Our versatility is what we take pride in.

There are two types of web application development companies: the ones that are focused on coding and the ones that lean towards design. Initially we belonged to the first type, but as time went by we managed to find what seems to be a perfect balance.

Today we have a team of talented UI/UX designers, some of whom are experienced veterans and others are hungry young guns. We don’t overload one designer with a bunch of different projects, but have them separated effectively between the entire team. So instead of one designer who is overwhelmed and inefficient, we offer an agile team and a super effective manager on top of that.

We’ve been in the remote business for over 10 years. We’ve gathered some experience and build our process on some simple, yet prolific stages:

Shakuro workflow infographic

Shakuro workflow infographic | Shakuro

All we need to do to start working on a project is a request of a quote. Once we receive it we immediately begin monitoring our resources, checking availability, and estimating the coasts. We don’t require lots of paperwork and we won’t exhaust you with formalities, after all we are here to deliver a product, not regulation.

Building a workflow was not an easy thing for us and it was extremely important. We have an office, camaraderie, team building events and a fine-tuned process. So instead of managing the work of a team of freelancers from all over the world, you get a fully managed team so you can concentrate on the technical and business goals. We cover the rest.

We are a creative & technical extension of your business

What is the main thing about startups? We believe it’s the vision. Funding comes to the projects that can perpetuate a viable image of the product and display potential. That is a great challenge and a test. With this comes a risk to go too “techy” and lose the broad sight, and that’s where you need to delegate engineering to the pros.

We don’t deny following all the protocol. You can still build a traditional work process with a lot of useful solutions for effective:

Building a product is perhaps one of the most important parts of its lifecycle but it might take some time before it start generating revenue. Apart from the technical side there is a ton of marketing and business strategies to fulfill. As your objectives shift, the levels of our requirement might change and we know that, so we can offer a flexible approach. If there is no need for you to have a full-time development team, we can work out an effective task-based cooperation. Just hit us up with the tweaks you need to be done to you website or app and we’ll have it done with no hassle. Certainly, we deliver full support of our product and though you might never require it, we are always ready to help.

Technology has given us the advantage of proximity regardless of the physical distance. So when the gap is out of the equation, it is natural to equally evaluate all possible options for hiring designers and developers around the world. And this is where you can have the financial benefit while still receiving the world-class product!

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Written by Moses Kim

November 11, 2016

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