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The Abstract #1

People read. Though we don’t have the attention span like we did before, we are still fascinated by a good read. For us, to write is to put our beliefs and doubts about our work into a physical form.

It’s cool when people tune in and engage in a conversation. We’ve prepared a digest of our best eight writing pieces for the first quarter of 2019. The topics that you’ve helped us understand deeper, dismantle, and mess around with.

Thank you for reading us and with us. Give us a follow if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.

Shakuro Editorial


2019 UI and UX Design Trends

Last year we put together a prediction of mobile UI design trends. This year, we’re going deeper and beyond just mobile. Because the number one trend in modern design is context. There are no generalizations anymore. Everything is in context and connected. Read the story >

Fighting Techniques of UX Writing: Examples of useful and useless copy

Fighting Techniques of UX Writing | Shakuro
Techniques do nothing unless they are backed by rules. I only see two rules: care for the reader and respect the reader. Everything else stems from them. It’s easier to understand how to address people you don’t know once you accept those two rules. Read the story >

In the dead of night: Why we are drawn to dark interfaces

Dark themes are everywhere. Just like there is a night version of everything, the dark alternative to the light interfaces is inescapable. However, it is more complicated than just reversing the colors. The awe of darkness is rooted in our core and we have to respect it. Read the story >

Functional Visualization Vs Artistic Dashboarding

Pacific Rim: Uprising by Daniel Højlund
We are surrounded by visual information. Dashboards are everywhere, whether it’s a phone screen or a car speed counter, or even a coffee maker at a mall. For some reason, when it comes to information visualization and dashboards, designers go bananas. Read the story >

Cutting The Interface For Good

Everything would be better with no interface. That’s a hard pill to swallow for designers, developers, and business owners. No interface makes your product look bodiless as if it doesn’t exist. If the product doesn’t exist, neither does your paycheck. Read the story >

Who Escapes Technological Unemployment: Rebels, Evangelists, Creatives

We are living in a unique technosphere. We can live underwater, we seriously consider colonizing The Moon and Mars, we are getting closer to curing the deadliest diseases. Read the story >

Attention Poppin’ — Users Droppin’: How to design for attention and save face

Attention Poppin' – Users Droppin'. How to design for attention and save face | Shakuro
Stores did not have to fight for attention 100 years ago. Just the fact of them being out there was a success. But the more stores opened, the more people started ignoring much of what was offered. More so, we became spoiled and the stores could not impress us any more, instead, they started irritating us. Read the story >

What’s Wrong With Landing Pages

Landing pages exist because they tell a story. Whether that story is useful is determined by a bunch of factors we’re about to look into. It’s not a checklist that will turn a bad page into a good one. Read the story >

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Written by Moses Kim

April 04, 2019

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