We have a long background in building a wide variety of web products from small personal websites to huge web applications that work on any device anywhere in the world. We have a tremendous experience developing for web using Ruby on Rails (our primary development tool) and other popular frameworks.


Web development is the core of our existence. We truly believe that website industry takes itself to another level by the height of the standards it sets. As new technologies emerge and take over, it is extremely important to stay within the current, know or sometimes set the trends by being bold and dreamy.

Custom Web Application Development

We have what it takes to leverage any startup idea, whether that be an eCommerce platform, an artist community website, or a line-of-business web application. Shakuro delivers quality built code, with endless growth opportunities.

Application Enhancement Development

Our experience in web development reaches far beyond ab initio projects. The development team we lined up is capable of refurbishing any existing web application to fit the metamorphic character of cyberspace. We migrate and reinvent dated online presences to make them vibrant again.

Full-Range Web Development

We are looking to modernize, reinvent, and refurbish web development with cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and development trends. Our integration of third-party services allows you to benefit from the entire industry talent.


We do our best to find the fluent balance between experimental approach and solid methodology that we use according to the challenges every new project presents.

Production Scheduling

  • Planning the works.
  • Structuring the effort.
  • Projecting the budget.

UI/UX Design

  • Designing the foreground pages.
  • Designing the UI elements.
  • Creating User Experience.
  • Delivering the prototype.

Web Application Development

  • Writing the back-end code.
  • Writing the compiled code.
  • Documenting the code.
  • Developing the UI (front-end).


  • Testing the web app.
  • Fine tuning the system.
  • Managing the release.
  • Deploying the web application.

Maintaining the Support

  • Planned activity support.
  • Performance testing.
  • Committing enhancements.

Technologies we use


Easily accessible, intuitive and relevant interface is what we strive for in our front-end development. The way our websites and apps look and interact with a user is the pinnacle of our performance. We only use well-established, tested, yet innovative technologies including Angular, Ember, React, jQuery, Sass, Haml, Slim, etc.


Relational database management systems we use to referential integrity between database tables, manage data, transactions, and enforce SQL (domain-specific language for querying data) like MySQL, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, etc.


If our front-end applications are the face of our production, the real grind happens at the backend. We measure performance by speed, capacity, and scalability. That’s why it is crucial that we use top notch technologies to create a strong backbone for our commodity.

Ruby on Rails is our main back-end development framework. We require expertise in Ruby and Ruby on Rails from all our developers to make sure we get the best out this great framework. The language maturity and capability to build solid maintainable code on this framework, efficiency with time and money, and abundance of tools and libraries to use make RoR our number one development tool followed by Elixir and NodeJS.


A strong and team of developers, engineers, and analytics is a bunch of single professionals up to the point where they are glued together by some sort of connection that makes them all part of one system. The succession of processes is a key feature of smooth and prosperous workflow. With our accurate infrastructure assets we make sure we keep track of everything being done around our projects while providing the best problem-solving tools and evolutionary opportunities. These are the infrastructure technologies we use are Redis, Nginx, Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, Capistrano, Websockets, etc.


Using Application Programmable Interfaces of major services opens allows us to implement their open-source platforms and increase our products’ functionality, make them robust, and contemporary. We successfully use the following APIs:

Amazon / Google / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Foursquare etc API
Paypal / Stripe / 2CO / Walletone etc API / SendGrid / MailChimp / ElasticEmail etc API


Ruby on Rails, aka RoR, aka Rails is a mature framework, capable of building solid maintainable code fast.

about ROR


C#. NET is a dynamic language and a reliable framework duo that offers endless web development opportunities.

about C#


Being a student of the game is a cornerstone of competitiveness, especially in an ever-growing and dynamic industry of web development. Our team is constantly studying the newest technologies and design trends while sharing their experience along the way.

Our services


We design intuitive and innovative user interfaces both with mobile and responsive web. Our wireframes and interactions and designed to feel natural to the user making our apps a pleasure to use.

about UI/UX


We help our clients deliver world class apps. Over many years our expert team have built and released beautiful engaging apps over Android and iOS. We know the platforms inside out and we are aware of what to use and when to build apps users keep coming back to.

About Mobile Development


We've helped many companies stand out from the crowd with stunning memorable branding. Through the use of strategy and design we can reinvigorate companies to make them a brand people will love.

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