Ideas Worth Implementing

Browse our resource of actionable app design concepts ready for commercial use. We created them based on our experience of producing rewarding digital products. Like what you see but want something different? We can tailor any idea to better represent your business.

Healthy Goals

A neat and trending app idea to set fitness goals and acquire habits for a new active lifestyle. Ready-made for your business.
$5800 — Design Stage Budget


Hit the niche with your personalized fitness app featuring goals, daily workout plans and more. Here’s a ready-to-use concept.
$6700 — Design Stage Budget

Ticket App Project

An app design based on the extensive user research and ticket purchase experience. Complete design kit, ready for implementation.
$6300 — Design Stage Budget

Remote Car Control App

Started as a daily UI challenge, this idea grew into a complete app full of features and valuable options.
$6500 — Design Stage Budget

Smart Home

Took a popular concept and redefined the way to interact with an app. Studied a bunch of similar projects. Took the best.
$7200 — Design Stage Budget