Designed as an internal mobile application for employees of Omnicom Media Group UAE, OMGene caters to its employees by modernizing the ways they interact.


OMGene is a workplace portal for employees of Omnicom Media Group MENA which is the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., a leading global advertising and marketing communications service holding.

OMGene offers the employees a non-day to-day work related content, given to the company in a news feed format where users can engage, have comment conversations, and just intermingle.

What we made

Building an app with such versatility as OMGene requires a lot of rationalization since the prototyping stage. In order to deliver the best experience and represent all the important aspects while maintaining speed and scalability, we used Ruby on Rails and other frameworks.

  • Prototype


  • Design


  • Development



The OMGene app gamifies the company’s procedures and inspires its employees to get better ratings from their peers, consume more academy content, and engage more with the app. They receive badges, which translate easily into monetary rewards.

  • Live noticeboard and announcements

    Realtime notifications to make sure nothing is missed and forgotten.

  • Feedback and suggestions

    Employees can give anonymous feedback on the company matters directly to the HR and the CEO at any time.

  • Convenient CSR

    The app links employee wages with the charities the company supports so that if a user donates through the app, it directly comes from their salary.

  • OMG Academy Courses

    Since media companies are delving into digital media, thought leadership and training content is given to the employees through viral videos and posts which they can engage with at their own convenience through the app.

  • Interactive calendar of activities

    All the company events are listed on the app that users can RSVP to and sync with calendars on their phones and tablets.

  • Peer Review

    As opposed to a once-a-year peer analysis, the app offers employees a to rate their peers on an on-going basis, which then translates into real-time data that HR managers may use to handle the team in a fair and efficient way.

More than just a corporate app

OMGene is integrated with the HR and administration functions to streamline the interaction between employees and create a new channel of communication for all employees.

Through its many interactive features, it makes for an easier and more effective work experience.

Honest and loyal approach to company’s identity

The OMGene employee portal effectively allows everyone to get the most out of their workplace. OMGene has been consistently recognized as one of UAE’s best employers by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Icon Set

Ramy Al-Kadhi Ramy Al-Kadhi CEO of The Social Corporations

Shakuro took our designs, modernized them, coming up with a base concept, and created the backend CMS that powers the application. The project had a positive outcome — our client’s sister companies have taken an interest in the app. I’m happy that the quality of the apps is top-class. My clients are happy.

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