My Movies

Keep track of all of your movies with the My Movies app.


Store and keep track of all your movies with the My Movies app. Collect, filter and search movies by your favorite genres and actors, making finding the perfect movie just a tap away. Forget searching through endless folders of titles, store your whole movie collection in one place to make browsing a breeze.

With our My Movies device sync you can enjoy your movie collection anywhere in the house. Whether on your laptop, mobile or even your Smart TV, My Movies helps you find that perfect movie for any occasion.

Our Approach

We’ve worked on My Movies right from the prototyping stage, to design and development. Having this full control meant we could easily iterate whenever requirements or new ideas were raised.

  • Prototype
  • Design
  • Development
  • Retina Ready
    Corporate Identity

    Superior use of logos, icons and color schemes have helped produce an instantly recognisable and memorable identity for My Movies.

  • Clear user grid
    Cross Platform

    Designed and developed to work beautifully regardless of the device. Using native development on iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well Dune TV, Apple TV and other smart devices to create only the best experience.

  • Responsive layout

    Built with best practices in optimization has resulted in an application that runs without any hiccups. Seamless transitions over all screens making the app a joy to use.

  • Saves time
    All In One

    My Movies was solely built by us, from prototyping all the way to testing and being ready for release. Once done, My Movies was released without any obligations or limitations.


My Movies for iPhone and iPad

My Movies is available from the Apple App Store. Developed natively to fulfil the power of Apple’s iOS platform, bringing a highly performant and stunningly designed app on both iPhone and iPad.

Using your iOS account, our iPhone and iPad apps will synchronize up with your desktop Mac application or Apple TV, remembering all your preferences so you don’t have to. Remotely managing your movie collection made easy.

My Movies for Android

Our Android app has been built using the best native development practices resulting in a flawlessly smooth user experience. Being developed natively has allowed My Movies make use of Android’s diverse native functionality while being accessible on a massive range of devices.

My Movies for Mac

My Movies has been developed to work beautifully on desktop, especially on our Mac application, available on the Apple App Store. Designed to make the most of the big screen, My Movies can show your playlists, movie covers and comprehensive movie specifications all at the same time.

My Movies on Mac makes scrolling through movies effortless, making use of that extra space to find the ideal movie even quicker. Use the My Movies app to launch and watch movies directly on your Mac or wirelessly connect and stream straight over to your Smart TV.

Icon Set
application menu icons
Other icons

My Movies was designed to bring a beautifully elegant experience to the user. We’ve listened to what you want and upgraded the interface to make navigation effortless. Simple. Browsing your movie collection doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take a look at the screenshots and let us know what you think!


We employed ui kit in order to allow simultaneous work of a big team

  • 350 times featured in AppStore
  • 5 years together
  • TOP 1 in the US Catalogs

She gave my mother such a turn, that I have convinced I am indebted to Miss Betsey for having been born on a Friday.

Brian Binnerup from MyMovies about Shakuro Brian Binnerup Founder

Our partnership with Shakuro goes back more than five years — a period where many different projects of ours have been both designed and developed by the Shakuro team.

Shakuro is for us the ideal partner, with the ability to provide quality work in many different areas, ranging from app development and graphical design to web projects.

The Shakuro team functions more as co-workers for us, over just a normal outsourcing partner. Each team member works close together with us a customer, and while we have the final word, we can always rely on the Shakuro team putting all their knowledge into ensuring the best possible end-product.