Computer Graphics

The Process

We don’t just build a project, ship it and walk away. We go through all the various development processes ensuring the project is up to scratch and then stick with it to make sure everything goes as great as it should.

  • Prototype


    The first stage of CG+ was prototyping. Through dozens of iterations we discovered initial plans of how we wanted CG+ to look and feel.

  • Design


    CG+ was built with great design in mind along with effortless usability.This included using the latest design standards as well as responsive design so CG+ would look fantastic regardless of the device.

  • Development


    The exciting bit. CG+ was able to be built up from scratch. We work with the cutting edge of technology along with the best development practices to make CG+ an app that will work flawlessly.

  • Maintenance


    We stand by our work. If something’s not quite right, we’ll make it better. If something breaks, we’ll fix it. We’re always on hand to maintain our work and keep it up to standards.

  • Identity


    Every project is different. It has it’s own personality and distinct feel, that’s why we make certain every project is built and marketed with it’s own identity. This starts at the prototyping stages and never ends.

  • Marketing


    Our digital marketing helps drive traffic to CG+. We go beyond the typical tactics, with deep market research and competitor analysis to create detailed user flows that then help pull in customers.

Responsive design

Any device. Any screen. It doesn’t matter, we’ve got it covered. CG+ has been designed to work beautifully on all sizes. Our multi-column designs means you’ll get the full experience of CG+, without any missing features, regardless of your device.


CG+ was built with a huge focus on delighting its users. The sleek dark design brings a touch of class to the application making CG+ a pleasure to use. Always. And of course, we haven’t skipped anything when it comes to great usability.

ui kit

CG+ was a big project needing a big team. To provide consistency throughout the design and development phases, UI Kit was adopted. This allowed us to make use of the same components and elements while multiple designers and developers worked simultaneously on the app.

  • 60 components
  • 250 elements
  • 20 categories

We’ve worked on CG+ all the way from start to finish. That’s resulted in a consistent feeling throughout and an application that we’re hugely proud of. We hope you’ll feel the same!


Right from the first day, we believed in creating something special that we could be proud of. Even if you’re a dev company, building your own startup is difficult. Luckily, with CG+ we can be clients and developers ourselves, which is a great combination for getting work done.

Have an idea? Tell us about project and get a free prototype!