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Why Should App Development Companies Outsource Web Design?

Outsourcing web design is a great approach that comes with great benefits: cost reduction, extensive talent pool, process speed up, etc. Discover how you can integrate it into your business.

Why App Development Companies Should Outsource Web Design

Cutting costs and increasing efficiency are two of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Outsourcing allows a large number of organizations to check all of those boxes and more. Companies can save money on payroll and training by offloading specific commercial operations to outside firms. They also allow their employees to focus on core business functions.

Outsourcing website development and design services is popular these days. This is due to the fact that it provides the benefits of specialization while also delivering high-quality results in less time. In a post-COVID era and the fact that a lot of businesses have transitioned into an online work format, outsourcing has never been that useful. 

In fact, 78% of companies have a good relationship with their offshore partners as they notice an increase in performance and revenue. However, website owners are frequently perplexed about whether to outsource website development or hire an in-house team. It is critical for non-technical owners to be aware of all options. This helps them understand and choose the best option for their project.

This article primarily focuses on web development outsourcing and contrasts it with the in-house approach.

Reasons to consider outsourcing

Many businesses opt for this approach as it carries multiple benefits, including:

1. Reducing costs

Hiring and training employees is one of the most time-consuming and expensive processes in any business, regardless of size. These procedures can take months, and even then, there is no guarantee that the employee in question will be a good investment and a valuable member of the team. Outsourcing enables you to convert labor costs to variable costs by only paying for the services you intend to use.

Most businesses have periods of the year when they have more work and, as a result, more capital, and times when business is slow. In normal circumstances, you would pay the same wages to all of your employees year after year, as well as other expenses such as office and toilet supplies, furniture, specialized equipment, computers, and servers.

With this strategy, you only pay for the services and the fixed results, and you can scale your needs and costs to meet your specific needs. Outsourcing jobs and tasks to other countries will also save you money on taxes and other expenses such as employee medical insurance.

Outsource web design to reduce possible time and money costs

Flight tickets booking concept by Conceptzilla

2. Access to a broader pool of talents

This strategy is about finding the best specialists for your project, not just lowering the costs. When you build your project in-house, you usually end up with the most skilled staff you can afford.

Meanwhile, outsourcing web development services allows you to find specific specialists for your project. It gives you the option to select, giving you access to a much larger pool of talented people. And not to mention that it also ensures an increase in company performance because an expert will complete an activity much faster and better than a non-specialist employee on a specific segment because he already has the necessary experience. This saves money and time on training while also lowering risks. Specialists will identify the best option for your company.

Here, the only issue might be the fact that the outsiders are not as fully vetted as the in-house specialist, however, this is the exact reason why it is recommended to do some research, look for reviews and a strong portfolio before hiring any freelancer or agency to work on the company projects.

3. Helps focus on core competencies

The main benefit of outsourcing software development is that it allows you to concentrate on more pressing issues. As an entrepreneur, you understand that there aren’t always enough hours in the day to get everything done. Delegating tasks to the offshore team allows you to focus entirely on the concept of web design, user experience, marketing, sales, testing of business hypotheses, or other critical processes required by your company.

Tasks that are not suited to your skills – or for which you lack knowledge – should be delegated to professionals who can handle them much better and in a shorter time frame. Every second spent dealing with something that does not play to your company’s main strengths is a waste of money and time. When you delegate processes to another company, you free up time to focus on the most important aspects of your business. As a result, the company’s efficiency and productivity will increase while its resource consumption will decrease.

You settle the project lifecycle and set time frames once you’ve found an outsourcing vendor. As a client, all you have to do from then on is approve and comment on your team’s work. And once you know how to outsource, it’s much easier to check the final results of each web development and design sprint.

4. Speed up process organization and development 

The number of applications on the market has flooded the market. You must be smart and fast if you want to differentiate, develop, and launch an idea faster than your competitors.

Outsourcing web design is a wise decision to make. It allows business owners and decision-makers to delegate app development while concentrating on marketing and sales. It also provides companies with access to innovative technologies that they would not otherwise have.

Typically, the outsourced team follows a certain methodology. It means that your web application is created quickly, efficiently, and with few changes.

5. Better risk management

Given their experience in this industry, outsourcing companies will conduct risk analysis and task management plans in a professional manner. When you collaborate with an outside team, you share the risks. 

After all, there are numerous instances where outsourcing appears to be superior to traditional work. When an employee who is critical to the operation abruptly leaves, it can cause significant disruption to the business. Project cancellations, missed deadlines, and extended recovery times are just some of the issues that may arise. Instead of panicking and racing to find a suitable replacement, which could take months to properly train, consider outsourcing first.

It may be the best way to continue working without interruptions, protect your business when it is vulnerable, and ensure you always manage and minimize risks.

Outsourcing web design companies give access to talented specialists

Vlone website by Victa Wille

How to outsource web design

When considering outsourcing, avoid making rash decisions. It is critical to first understand the key stages that your project will need to go through, and then research your options for outsourcing web development services.

Don’t start by posting a job offer on the first collaboration platform you come across. One of the challenges is selecting the best company and ensuring that your team knows how to start the project effectively.

It is necessary to examine the outsourcing framework to understand how it works. Here are the steps to take in order to delegate a project:

Determine your goal

Define your expectations for web development services, as well as your end goal and project requirements. Undefined expectations will only waste your time and money.

You should begin by writing a description of your application, and responding to the following questions:

  • What is my project’s ultimate goal?
  • What are the project’s requirements?

Once these questions have been answered, it is time to move on to the next phase — planning.

Clarify the project specifications while planning

The next step is to consider your business objectives and technical requirements for outsourced web development. Answer the following questions as precisely as possible:

  • What are the company’s objectives?
  • What are the technical specifications for my project?
  • What is the technological stack I want to use for the project?

Don’t be afraid to reveal all of your project’s functionality. It will assist a future outside team in comprehending your concept and estimating the software creation budget and timeframe. Working on feature scope and sprints usually entails eliminating unnecessary features from the start.

Select the outsourcing type

To conduct a wise and efficient search for outside teams, you should first determine the type of outsourcing you require.


When using this type, you delegate the project to a team from another country located in the client’s region.

If you outsource to a local company, you can reduce the risks and costs associated with training your own team to create an app and avoid language and cultural barriers. However, if a client wishes to save money, an onshore development firm is not the best choice. It will also impact the speed with which the project is completed.

Because the cost of developing a web design is sufficiently high, a client will face difficulties in creating marketing and sales processes in the absence of offshore outsourcing.


This type of software development refers to outsourcing to a company in the same time zone. The primary benefit is that the client and the vendor share a common culture and language skills.

When comparing nearshore or onshore, the first allows for more cost savings during web design and thus faster business processes. Nonetheless, the nearshore type does not allow you to select the vendor with the highest level of expertise.


Offshore or international outsourcing occurs when a client hires a team located in another country. 

Hiring an offshore company to outsource web design allows a client to gain access to the largest pool of talented specialists without spending a lot of money. It also encourages the acceleration of all ongoing processes.

Consider these IT outsourcing options and select the best option for your specific needs and business goals.

Outsourcing website development

VSE home page redesign by Taras Migulko

Budgeting and cost calculations

Because each outsourcing region has its own rates for web design services, the estimated budget will help you choose the best one for you. However, it is also critical not to hire the first vendor who offers the lowest price. Set a budget and expectations and then select the design team that fits them.

It is also useful to specify the duration of the project. Consider the time frame and set the deadlines. Here are the two main questions you must answer:

  • How much am I willing to pay for my project’s development?
  • What are the delivery dates for my project?

If you want to learn the average expenses for your current project, use Project Calculator. With this tool, you can select different options and services to get a perfect combination that fits your goals.

Start working on the project

Once everything is considered, you can find the suitable one for your project and get started. Now all that is needed at this point is relaxation. It is in the team’s hands to deliver high-quality and satisfactory results.

In conclusion

Outsourcing web design is a great approach used all around the world as it comes with great benefits that include improved systems and service quality, access to the most skilled professionals worldwide, better time management, avoiding staffing issues, and many more.

It is a successful business strategy that involves contracting out business processes to third-party providers. When used correctly, it reduces the risks involved in various processes, resulting in a variety of benefits ranging from cost savings to increased competitive advantage and service improvements. It can assist your company in becoming more flexible, agile, and adaptable to the ever-changing market, its conditions, and challenges. Ultimately, the goal is to improve and make decisions that are in the company’s best interests.

If you need web design outsourcing, contact us. We will deliver a competitive product using the latest frameworks, UI/UX design techniques, and illustrations.

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Written by Judely Delva

January 01, 2023

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