The Inaugural Post

Welcome to Shakuro blog! It’s been a long time coming for us, hasn’t it? Over a decade in the business and just starting off with a blog…

But there is a reason.

Since our early days we have been so focused on polishing our craft, that there seemed to be no gas for anything outside coding, designing and brainstorming projects.

We stormed into the business with all our passion, energy, and bright ideas.

So that we forgot to document our journey along the way. It almost feels unfair to have so much happening and keep it to ourselves.

We have some experienced developers who gutted it out (obviously not all of us are Silicon Valley guys), some raw talent and guru designers, and a CEO who’s went through the mill and back. We’ve struggled through breaches in communication which is the inevitable part of remote work, that gave us that precious battlefield experience. We beat circumstance multiple times and those are the things we should have blogged about …might be a good memoir idea.

Anyway, today we are bigger and better than ever and we have a lot to share.

So welcome aboard, buckle up, and and check your scroll wheel!

Written by Shakuro Team
October 10, 2016