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25 Amazing Illustrators To Follow

We made a list of 25 best illustrations that inspire and captivate designers. Check them out in our latest article.

Illustration remains one of the main trends for 2022. It is a powerful visualization tool in interface design, thanks to a huge selection of styles and techniques, we can convey different moods.

One of the most effective methods is to use non-standard, creative craft illustration. The more unusual the better. Custom artwork allows you to stand out for sure, and it is successfully used on promotional sites, e-commerce sites, and portfolio sites. Illustrations can reflect the branding, style, and mood of the company very effectively. They echo the brand and help to convey a company’s concept much better than photos. You can buy fully editable commercial illustrations and adjust them with colors and details to the company’s goals.

The illustration is a mediator between the mass consumer and high art. Modern European trends come from the avant-garde art of the twentieth century. Poster graphics and illustrations act as a link and help explain this art to the masses. The graphic stylistics of Picasso, Matisse, the colors of Rothko, and the trends set by Warhol and Liechtenstein, are revealed in a new way through ingenious and witty plots of illustrations.

We will share the 25 amazing illustrators for you to follow for inspiration — they create unusual characters, hand-drawn sketches, and have a distinctive style. This is the list of particularly talented and noteworthy artists that you definitely don’t want to just scroll past.

Daniel Frost

British illustrator Daniel Frost (@danielfrostillustration) has crisp and vivid aesthetics. He values natural colors and the simplicity of composition. Daniel is fixated on odd people and strange situations, which he reinterprets in his mind in an imaginative way.

Everyday illustration

Everyday illustration by Daniel Frost

Mini Cowboy

Mini Cowboy by Daniel Frost

Illustration for Times magazine

Illustration for Times magazine by Daniel Frost

Guy McKinley

An artist specializing in atmospheric pencil drawings. Guy has already worked with major brands such as Disney, BBC, Adidas, and New Balance. His Instagram account (@guymckinley) is full of masterfully drawn concept pieces. McKinley’s work is infused with his love of old comic and storybook art, with a visible  Japanese influence in a lot of his work, and so pattern, color, and details.

Sprite can illustrated

Sprite can illustrated by Guy McKinley

Lake Carrier

Illustration by Guy McKinley

Illustration for Kaspersky

Illustration by Guy McKinley for Kaspersky

Agathe Sorlet

Agathe (@agathesorlet) is a French artist based in Bordeaux. Her minimalistic illustrations with bright color splashes pay homage to women and love. The colors are usually two and are alternated with contrast, to give more writing to the scenes; her creations don’t require many colors to leave their mark.


Artist expresses all his love for cats and dogs in adorable minimalist illustrations

Illustration by Agathe Sorlet


minimalistic illustrations cats dogs

Illustration by Agathe Sorlet

Illustration by Agathe Sorlet

Matteo Berton 

Illustrations with an emphasis on color and geometric shapes. The author (@matteberton) is the owner of the gold and silver medals of the New York Society of Illustrators. Works with New York Times, New Yorker, Wired, Monocle, Der Spiegel, Timberland, Fast Company, Feltrinelli, Moleskine.

Illustration by Matteo Berton

Illustration by Matteo Berton

Cécile Dormeau

Cécile (@cecile.dormeau) creates illustrations from everyday life. The theme of the drawings is women with all their oddities and cute features. Cécile Dormeau is using her art to confront and hopefully make a change in stereotypes that are central to evolving how both women and men should be able to perceive one another without judgment.

Illustration by Cecile Dormeau

Illustration by Cecile Dormeau

Sergiy Maidukov 

Illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine. Sergiy (@sergiymaidukov) draws for such major clients as The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The Architectural Review, Esquire Ukraine. Original and memorable style. The works that Sergiy publishes are ready-made images for magazines and many sketches. His style invades the blank page with gusto, unusual compositions and ill-proportioned characters.

Illustration by Sergiy Maidukov

Illustration by Sergiy Maidukov

Seva MFN

Seva (@seva_mfn) makes illustrations for magazines, such as Esquire, tattoo sketches, movies and shows, and more. His works are always bright, defined and stylish.

Illustration by Seva MFN

Illustration by Seva MFN

Marlon Mayugba

According to Marlon’s website, the designer (@marsmygb) defines his style as abstract, anamorphic, & surreal compositions. He uses geometric, still-life, and ordinary objects in flat and 3D perspective surroundings.

Illustration by Marlon Mayugba


Illustration by Marlon Mayugba

Justin Mezzell

Justin (@justinmezzell)is an illustrator and designer currently based in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, he specializes in illustration, digital art, and UI/UX design. His an unprecedented retro/futuristic vibe.

Fortune Interior Scene

Illustration by Justin Mezell

Illustration by Justin Mezell

Robin Davey

Robin Davey (@robin_davey) is a master of seamless, detailed and quirky animated illustrations. His illustration is comprised of bold, clear-cut shapes assembled to create cute, bumbling characters representing human beings from all walks of life, combining geometric precision with bold color and playfully exaggerated forms.

Illustration by Robin Davey

Illustration by Robin Davey

Illustration by Robin Davey

Jurek Mazurek

Jurek (@jurek_mazurek) is an illustrator with a gentle and unique style, and a soft pastel color pallette. He specializes in 2D character illustrations.

Illustration by Jurek Mazurek

Illustration by Jurek Mazurek

Dennis Wardzala

A designer, illustrator, and animator, Dennis (@denward) is one of the promising underdogs of the year. 

Illustration by Dennis Wardzala

Illustration by Dennis Wardzala

Anastasia Druzhininskaya

Anastasia (@druzhininskaya) has worked on such brands as Puma, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Jo Malone, Woman’s Health, etc. Her minimalistic 2D illustrations convey all the spectre of human emotions.

Illustration by Anastasia Druzhininskaya

Illustration by Anastasia Druzhininskaya

Mijke Coebergh

According to Mijke (@mijk.jpg), through illustration, she works on making the world a bit more understandable, inclusive, and positive. Her illustrations are characterized by bright colors, hand-drawn textures, and retro aesthetics.

Illustration by Mijke Coebergh

Illustration by Mijke Coebergh

Steve Scott

Jelly London characterizes Steve Scott (@steve_scott__uk) as an established animation director and illustrator – a true master at mixing fresh contemporary style with a nod to the retro. Juxtapoz magazine described him as “witty, compelling, completely inspiring and diverse.”

Illustration by Steve Scott

Illustration by Steve Scott

George Townley

George (@george.townley) is an illustrator and designer based in London who celebrates Los Angeles landmarks with a touch of retro.

Illustration by George Townley

Illustration by George Townley

Rafael Mayani

Rafael (@rmayani) draws inspiration from the vibrant colors and shapes of Mexico and the natural beauty of Canadian landscapes.

Illustration by Rafael Mayani

Illustration by Rafael Mayani

Willian Santiago

Willian Santiago (@willian_santiago) was a Brazilian illustrator known for the playful and lively colors typical of his work. He used bold color palettes and tropical motifs to depict his picturesque surroundings. Fairytale-like themes, wondrous flora, and magical fauna lure you to dive right in and explore the exotic landscapes he beautifully illustrates.

Photo and illustrations: Willian Santiago

Illustration by Willian Santiago

Fran Labuschagne

You can recognize Fran Labuschagne’s (@franlabuschagne) illustrations for their lovely, clearly defined, elongated physiognomies and pastel colors. She mainly draws circular geometric shapes, which breathe perfectionism into her illustrations.

Illustration by Fran Labuschagne

Illustration by Fran Labuschagne

Milica Golubovic

Coming from the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Milica Golubovic (@_milica_golubovic) is an impressive Montenegrin illustrator. 

Illustration by Milica Golubovic

Illustration by Milica Golubovic

Vedran Klemens

Vedran Klemens (@klemensovo)  is an impressive illustrator from Croatia. He takes his time creating funny characters, and studies them well before he draws them. Vedran’s work clearly demonstrates his immense dedication to creating amazing illustrations.

verdran 1

Illustration by Vedran Klemens

Boris Kuzmanovic

Illustration by Boris Kuzmanovic

Boris Kuzmanovic is an interesting illustrator who doesn’t necessarily stick to one style or follow any trends, but he rather boldly experiments with different materials, collages, and techniques.


Hsiao Ron Cheng

Drawing photorealistic portraits isn’t exactly the most popular art form, however the illustrator Hsiao Ron Cheng has shown us how captivating these artworks can be.

Illustration by Hsiao Ron Cheng

Victoria Semykina

Victoria (@victoria_semykina) creates free-hand drawings, she manages to bring characters into focus and perfectly illustrate any movement, making it all look like a frozen movie frame.

Illustration by Victoria Semykina

Aleksandar Andi Zolotic

Andi is an illustrator that brings us back to the times when ponds seemed like a sea, animals could speak, and our favorite tree was our second home. 

Illustration by Aleksandar Andi Zolotic

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Take a look at more examples of illustrations on our graphics page, and read some stories in our portfolio where we tell more about how we used illustrations in commercial projects.

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Written by Rita Kind-Envy

May 05, 2022

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