C#. NET Development

Our core belief in success is bound with the accomplishments of our clients. As their extension, we take pride in their success which is our common main goal. We have been blessed with an opportunity to work with such outstanding people.
The technological edge of C# and .NET
Building software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments requires utilization of a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language. All these feature in C# - a high-level, relatively simple but durable, and type-safe programming language.
.NET is a solid framework capable of speeding up the development process of the C# web and mobile apps running on Windows.
C# is a dynamic language that offers endless development opportunities. .NET Framework Class Library exposes all the functionality of the framework available to our developers.
The core traits of our .NET/C# development are:
Strong base
C# runs on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), making it easily integratable with components written in other CLR-compatible languages and a lot of Microsoft’s proprietary tools and technologies.
The .NET framework is standardized, which means it can run on other platforms including Linux based on Mono.
In case of a rapid application development, we perform through the Official Microsoft ASP .NET Site MVC and HTML5 technologies. C#’s rich class library enables us to implement multiple functions easily and fast.
C# and .NET are more than capable of building large, mission-critical software and desktop/web applications. A lot of enterprise solutions are based on it, including such a giant as Stackoverflow and others.
Layer approach
Microsoft stack allows us to build modern N-tier data applications separated into multiple tiers, usually into a presentation tier, middle tier, and data tier.
C# is an elegant and type-safe object-oriented language that enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run on the .NET Framework.
Our .NET solutions are highly scalable. Any additional load only requires extra resources rather than the extensive modification of the application itself.
Our productive use of .NET framework and C# has not only helped our numerous clients but also let us become part of a special community.
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we have earned highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program as a C#/.NET development company. Such a status means Microsoft has declared we have committed ourselves to evolving Microsoft technologies for the interests of its own needs as well as those of its clients. The recognition comes from us having demonstrated high levels of achievement and performance as well as provided evidence of our expertise with Microsoft technologies. This partnership gives us access to online technical support, news, updates, and all sorts of useful information from Microsoft.
Technology stack
Client side technologies
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