Leading Developers in Russia: Shakuro #3 in Clutch Rankings

Clutch.co is one of the most trusted and reputable source of B2B information and reviews of software and professional services. With the humongous amount of data they get every day, it makes perfect sense that it’s them who can come up with an honest, prolific, and large-scale rating of companies on the market.

The presence of global companies on Clutch allows drilling deep into the specifics of each separate region, provide combined surveys and complex ratings. As of now, they’ve conducted over 150 ratings of companies and businesses from different parts of the world.

The most recent one about Russia, first time ever featured Shakuro on the third place of the “Leading Mobile App and Web Developers in Russia” ratings.

It is quite an achievement, as like with any BPO company, operating mainly on the remote collaboration mode, there is a risk of being caught in between places which does not add to the company’s credibility. With Russia being a tough place to compete, we make sure we get the best of every project and evolve with every new challenge we face.

Shakuro Among Leading Developers in Russia: Clutch Rating | Shakuro

Clutch noticed us among hundreds of companies out there and we attribute this to the way things are getting done in Shakuro. Take a look at our clients’ reviews of our work, true stories of their project development, honest comments, and short case studies with no censorship whatsoever.

We take pride in these trophies and vow to keep bringing more of them!

Shakuro Among Leading Developers in Russia: Clutch RatingShakuro Among Leading Developers in Russia: Clutch Rating
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Written by Moses Kim
April 04, 2017