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Annual Business Trip to Israel

Annual Business Trip to Israel

In the middle of January, QA engineers from Shakuro had a pleasure to go on a business trip to Israel to meet with our partners from company which is a part of Tenengroup. Tenengroup is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Israel. They run multiple fashion jewelry businesses across the world and have Shakuro as an outstaffed technical expert team of front- and backend developers and QA engineers. We have a long and productive experience working with
Because of the global nature of the business, Christmas in the US and Europe is the busiest period in the company’s annual life cycle. Every year they hold a corporate event dedicated to celebrating the end of this intense period and invite members of Shakuro team to participate in this occasion. 
During the trip, our engineers were able to visit Tenengroup offices and meet in person some of the people from the Tenengroup team previously known only through the means of online communication. These kinds of meetings are very beneficial for business. A more personal approach makes workplace communication more productive, facilitating the working process. 
Shakuro and Tenengroup
The trip included an excursion to the factory where the Tenengroup products are made, through all the stages from design to packaging. It was exciting to learn how everything works and looks inside, especially the systems the engineers from Shakuro team had personally helped to develop.
The trip culminated in a big party full of food, drink, and informal communication, saving for last the walk around Tel Aviv and the beautiful Old City of Jaffa.

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Written by Kate Shokurova

February 02, 2020

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