Life behind the site

May 9th, 23:00

Shakuro on Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign is live: !

The goal is obviously to raise funds but also make sure that such website is needed in the community. We all really hope this will be a beginning of something big for all of us! Thank you, we appreciate your support !

Apr 20th, 08:54
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Stay tuned

Stay tuned!

CGHUB suddenly dying off without warning or explanation caught most of us off guard and was a huge blow to the artistic community as the site provided a pretty unmatched service for the industry. There are currently lots of cg websites available to the community but Team Shakuro keeps getting comments expecting it to return with a project that would be similar to CGHUB or even better.

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Mar 18th, 17:25
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Good news from Windows Phone market

Surprise: reached third place in New Apps in Windows Phone market. Right after Facebook messenger. in windows phone

Mar 6th, 07:52
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Events app UI mockup

Most recent mockup posted on Dribbble:

Events app preview

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Jan 3rd, 14:30
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Google Glass development

Google Glass

New year - new opportunities! After weeks of waiting we finally received our Glass and now we are happy to announce that we are set and ready to become glassware developers.

The glassware market is still sooo tiny but so promising … don't miss your chance to be one of the first to conquer it.

Nov 25th 2013, 08:59
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Release cake v4

TripleAgent team

Hey! For those of you who forgot or never knew who are Shakuro, here are our happy faces. This time the happiness is connected with the release of TriplAgent - awesome guide of New York's cool places made for iOS and web. These guys have been working very hard for the several past months and now a whole team is going to enjoy this gorgeous release cake!

Nov 22nd 2013, 16:22
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The new hot thing has arrived!

Going to NYC? Give TriplAgent a chance to make your trip more colorful and exciting! Available … available … hmm … ah, of course on the Apple AppStore :)

Nov 2nd 2013, 13:38
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Developing for Windows Phone

Developing for Windows Phone

In this post we would like to share some experience in Windows Phone 7.5 app development, its upgrade to Windows Phone 8, and our thoughts on the perspectives in general. First of all this information will be interesting for beginning Windows Phone developers, since it was the last platform we picked for development and we don't have enough knowledge yet.

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Aug 2nd 2013, 16:43
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WriteDraw is here!

WriteDraw is out! Several months of hard work resulted into a nice and funny app!
Grab it while it's hot. Available for iPhone and iPad. Android is coming …


May 29th 2013, 20:15
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Small note on HTML5 based mobile apps

A very typical project description nowadays:

"We currently have an HTML5 Social Networking app that has been designed by another company we have contracted with on phone gap. The app is running very buggy. Push Notifications and Messaging do not work properly, the loading time and overall performance needs to be optimized and increased … We are in the middle of securing investors and are needing a few estimates to make sure we get more than enough money to finish this app PROPERLY this time. …Currently the app is on only 2 our of our desired 4 platforms "

May 2nd 2013, 07:44
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Here is a new icon we have been working on over last couple of days


Mar 18th 2013, 12:35
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Hey Panda!

Check out our new icon for upcoming iOS application for children

I know my world iOS app

Feb 7th 2013, 15:47
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Crimea is fantastic place to live and work in

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place on Earth as Crimea!

Magestic mountains, rushing waterfalls, sunny beaches, turquoise waves, endless sky, ancient cities, caves and many other nature richnesses surrounding Sevastopol make our lives filled with inspiration. Being active and travelling a lot, we've decided to share our feelings through the objectives of our cameras.

So, look through some pictures, relax and get some impressions of the fascinating places.


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Dec 18th 2012, 13:01

iOS icon template leaked!

iOS icon template

The newly updated iOS icons template has leaked out today from our design department despite their heavy security control. One of our brave project managers is risking his life sharing this template with you guys.

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Oct 23rd 2012, 15:55

Frameworks For Cross-Platform Mobile Development

As a company that develops iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications, we are often asked to develop an application for two or three platforms. When this happens, some suggest using one of the frameworks for cross-platform mobile development. They believe it’s better than redeveloping the same functionality for each mobile platform. But are they right? Let’s find out.

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Oct 5th 2012, 12:34

Release cake v3

CGHUB release cake

CGHUB team celebrates iOS app release. Android app is coming.

Oct 3rd 2012, 16:10

The US trip

Just in case you have nothing to do next 5 minutes, here is a short chronology of our little business trip across the US early this year.

Oct 1st 2012, 14:25
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CGHUB iOS app released

We are very happy to present a brand new CGHUB iOS app. We hope people will like it and already have tons of updates for future versions.

CGHUB iOS app release

Even if you are not professional graphic artist, give it a try as you do not need to be professional to enjoy beautiful artworks.

Get it now :

Jun 21st 2012, 16:48

Ready to test

ready to test

This post is here to answer a question that we are asked quite often: “Hey guys, I want to know how your testing environment looks like”.

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Feb 27th 2012, 13:58
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I know you have the code

Over the last couple of years some completely different people from different parts of the world asked us about the same amazingly surprising thing. Last time it happened only two days ago so we decided to share it :)

Customer: Hi, guys! I am fond of the site you created for ABCD company. You know I have a project in mind that is very similar to ABCD's one. Can you tell me how much something very similar would cost me?

Shakuro: Hi! Sure, a ball park price for such project would be around $XXXX - $XXXXX.

Customer: Haha, coooooome oooon!

Shakuro: What? :)

Customer: I know you have the code and that's why I came to you. I expect it should take something around $XX-XXX since the only thing you need to do is to change the logo and the title of ABCD's site and maybe apply some cosmetic changes.

Shakuro: Huh? o_0

Feb 26th 2012, 23:20
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We had a nice and sporty weekend participating in the First Crimean Table Tennis Tournament among IT companies.

Beyond lots of positive emotions, fun, and free cookies, we came in second and third place in individual competitions, and won undisputed first place as a team. Our best guy is on the left!

Big thanks to the organizers! We are looking forward to more events like this one as our prize shelf keeps asking for new items :)

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Feb 9th 2012, 15:22
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A couple of decades ago there must have been a very popular movie on TV with the main characters named Alexander and/or Alexey. We couldn't think of any other reason why there are so many Alexanders and Alexeys (both can be called Alex) in our company.

If you want to contact our developer personally and have doubts about his name, it would be worth trying "Alex" first as there will be about 50 percent chance of success.

We have to use indexes and nicknames to distinguish them, so do not be surprised to hear something like:
- We are going to ask Alex1 to help Alex2 on your project
- iAlex finished working on iPhone UI and we expect pAlex to complete API a bit later today.

Oct 23rd 2011, 20:26
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Every Thursday

What can make an average Thursday morning a little bit better? Probably lots of things, but one of them is definitely a basket full of warm and delicious buns and cakes. It always comes just on time with your morning coffee to build a winning combination for a nice mood for the rest of the day.

Fresh bakes

Sep 15th 2011, 19:50
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Using location advantages

What a pleasure to work two mins away from the beach. Getting tired with the summer heat? We have the solution below:

Sep 12th 2011, 20:53
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Hire hire hire!

From day one Shakuro has been expanding gradually hiring not more than one person in every three-to-four months. Now things are different and to properly handle every cool project we are given we are looking for two to three new talents to join our company. Check out our Careers page for the latest opening.

Jul 17th 2011, 21:44
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US trip

We are very excited to announce that we will be visiting the West Coast of The United States early in August 2011. So if anybody would like to meet with us there, please let us know in advance and we will try to organize at least a quick meeting (if possible).

May 16th 2011, 07:47
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Trimming grass (an alternative approach)

Hello again! It's been a while since our last post. Our workload during the last few months could not let us find enough time to even post some news. I hope we will be able announce a couple of very exciting projects soon. In the mean time, we wanted to introduce our new office pet: AR.Drone - an amazing quadricopter that uses iPhone/iPad as a remote control. This is a couple of first tries ("fail after fail") on a strong wind.

Of course you would not want to be a little AR.Drone surrounded by 20+ lame pilots without any license. But after going through a first stage of crashes and disappointments, we are now close to the moment when each take off will end up having a proper landing too.

Initially we bought it with an intention to use it for ... development :) That's right - we had some projects in mind, but decided to postpone them for a better moment. Now we primarily use it to trim grass nearby our office, have fun and scare passers-by .

Jan 9th 2011, 16:11
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Release cake. UPD!

My Movies for iPhone light has been released recently and now is available in the AppStore. More than three months of development turned into a nice and useful application that can work independently of or successfully complement PC-based software. 

My Movies for iPhone Light

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Dec 27th 2010, 12:01

The DUO for iPad

Next to all the other pros, Apple claims that the iPad is also a perfect game platform. Perhaps this is especially true about games that don't take up many resources, and this is proven by the enormous amount of easy casual games in the AppStore.

Now it’s obvious that if you want to create a casual game with the view of entering top100 apps you will need to have a brilliant idea, perfect realization, wide and thorough promotion and … a special appeal that will make you different from all other apps. It can be anything: an unusual interface, special effects, beautiful sounds, etc, but would you ever consider placing a piece of hardware on top of your iPad? Sound like crazy? See below.

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Dec 21st 2010, 10:54

The chosen one

Pilot or Aeron

Reading many different books about management of programming teams you can often find a chapter or two about establishing a good developer’s work place to make him more happy and productive. Of course it starts from a powerful computer and a stable Internet connection and continues with tons of other things. But nothing makes development as comfortable as a good and cozy chair!

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Dec 16th 2010, 12:19

Registered trademark

Registered trademark

From this moment on Shakuro is a registered trademark. This means that there should not be another IT company called Shakuro in the world. It took us one and a half years and a nice amount of money to register it.

Nov 16th 2010, 22:09
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IT bowling

IT bowling

Nowadays there are tons of reasons to invite your colleagues and spend a couple of hours together. Last Saturday we discovered another one - First Bowling Competition between IT companies in our city. Wow! It sounded amazing right from the very beginning.

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Sep 9th 2010, 20:58

Shakuro v.3

shakuro site evolution

We are extremely happy to release a new long-awaited version of our site. As you may have noticed, we changed the site's look dramatically and hope our visitors will like it. Although we are not finished yet and keep changing things here and there, the main ideas are already in place. If you have any thoughts about new design, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Apr 22nd 2010, 02:52
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Fixed price vs hourly rate

Most of our new clients face the problem of choosing the most suitable way to pay for development. To help them solve this problem we have put together some facts about each of the ways of getting billed into a simple comparison table.

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Mar 16th 2010, 05:45

CG HUB vs CG Frontiers

CG HUB vs CG Frontiers

Several days ago we found a site that from the first glance seemed to be very familiar to us :) 

We had run across several sites before that took their inspiration from CGHUB, but this one was almost an exact copy of it. After a few moments of disappointment we thought that it’s not that bad when you are copied, it just proves that some people think that your work is worth being followed and this is a very pleasant and honest compliment.  

Jan 17th 2010, 12:13
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+1 iPhone developer

Back in late 2008 when we first decided to start our iPhone department, we could not expect that in less than a year we would have to decline every second iPhone project just because the availability of our iPhone developers will be constantly below zero. That's why we added another smart developer to our iPhone department last week and we believe this should fix our availability issues ... at least for the next couple of months :) Meet Alexander "iSasha" Goncharov

Jan 12th 2010, 07:49
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Our first Russian customer!

We are busy with preparing new screens for our portfolio. This project is a special one for us, because this is the first project we did for a Russian customer. Despite the fact that he lives in the US, we are happy anyway :)
The project is for a real estate agency that operates in the Miami, FL region. So if you want to buy/sell/rent a condo/building/office you are welcome to check it out!

Florida Real Estate 


Nov 27th 2009, 09:02
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Skatic goes beta!

We are happy to announce that after  six months of intensive  development we released another big project.  Please meet Skatic  - a social network dedicated to music and everything that's connected with music. It's in public beta and we are collecting feedback from users regarding all aspects of the site.

With CakePHP inside, it features advanced navigation: pure ajax for regular users and non-ajax for search engine robots, those who have javascript switched off and for outgoing links (from bookmarks  / other sites). The only goal for it is to let users enjoy music at a stretch as they browse other content  on the site.

Jul 19th 2009, 06:27
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Just arrived back from the iPhoneDevCamp in Kiev, Ukraine. This was the first conference dedicated to iPhone application development in our country (at least the first one we have heard about) and its primary goal was to show that an iPhone development community in Ukraine does exist. Moreover it was really nice to realize that there are so many developers and other people interested in iPhone developement in Ukraine, much more than expected.



Jun 14th 2009, 11:00
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iPhone touched :)

Everybody heard about the iPhone, many bought it, some like it while others don't, some consider it another expensive and glamour toy, while others propose it as a symbol of our century. Whatever you think about the iPhone makes it more famous than a second ago.

Shakuro is happy to announce that we like the iPhone so much that we decided to start our own iPhone applications development team several months ago. It was a well-thought step off the successful web-development-only way. Now we have three applications done, and more are coming. 

Meet our iPhone team:

 iPhone team

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Jun 3rd 2009, 02:54
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Support CGHUB on oDesk contest

Odesk ( is hosting a "Site of the month" contest where Shakuro is represented with one of our latest works -  CGHUB ( The winner will be chosen by oDesk staff solely, but the number of votes will be also taken into consideration. So ... :) if you have a free minute, we would appreciate if you could vote for us. You can do it using this button:

Support CGHUB on oDesk contest


May 28th 2009, 10:11
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Shakuro now a happy user of a corporate version of Active Collab 2.1 (AC). It’s a really amazing project management tool and makes it really easy to collaborate between our clients, managers and developers.

Active Collab

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Jan 17th 2009, 02:51
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We are very proud to announce that one of our projects has been approved by the CakePHP dev team to appear on the front page of site.

Now you can see a "cghub" link under the "Just baked" section and although it looks like a usual tiny link, it means a lot for us.

Dec 22nd 2008, 17:25
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Help us choose new look and feel

We are thinking about switching to a new style. We have several ideas ready and would highly appreciate everybody's opinion on them. If you have a minute, please visit this page and tell us what you like more.

Shakuro New style

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Oct 6th 2008, 12:59

The evolution of Shakuro's office

Office #1

February, 2007 - September 2007

Square: 11m2   Team: 4    Ratio : a bit more than 2,5 m2 per person. 

The evolution of Shakuro's officeThe evolution of Shakuro's office

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Sep 18th 2008, 09:47
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RIT(Russian Internet Technologies) - is the most famous conference (and probably the biggest) in the former Soviet Union territory dedicated to web development and everything around it. That's why we (and 1500 other guys and girls) could not miss it. Shakuro was represented by four of us.


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