Web & Mobile Log Analytics Tools Study

The Ultimate Log Analytics Tool

Finding a versatile tool that could satisfy the needs of cross-platform, data-heavy solution is an issue that occurs at some point. regardless of the size of an enterprise or a startup, business development requires detailed real-time performance analysis. As part of general maintenance, crash reports, event reports, and user action analysis need to be thoroughly tracked and reacted to. In our attempt to find the best log analysis tool, we came up with an industry-specific list of features that some of the most popular tools showcase.

Web & Mobile Log Analytics Tools Study | Shakuro

Eventually, it all comes down to leveraging the specific needs. Google Analytics seems to be the most versatile and the best fitting for a wide variety of tasks most of the projects have. As for the more technically savvy users, they might find services like Flurry and Splunk extremely useful.

Written by Yulia Negina
August 08, 2017