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Modular Banking Changing the Fabric of FinTech

The aftershocks of the global financial crisis are still felt a decade later. One of them being the atrophy of bank facilitation for small business and casual consumers. This gap got quickly filled by FinTech companies while some of the services remained in the cash-driven segment. On top of that, the leaps and bounds of tech development made it possible for IT companies (like yours truly) to reshape the low-profile financial ops. Future is modular and here’s what it holds for FinTech startups as well as the traditional banks that stay abreast.

Are Digital Designers And Developers Capable Of Building A Physical Product?

Are Digital Designers And Developers Capable Of Building A Physical Product? | Shakuro

You know it’s going to be interesting when a group of techies, all into digital product design and development decide to delve into a hardware startup. That’s what two of my friends and colleagues did when they thought it’d be a good idea to build a smart wall timer for a martial arts school. I joined the team as an advisor because of my life-long experience training and teaching martial arts.

Who Runs the Web …And Why Change is Life-Saving

Who Runs the Web ...And Why Change is Life-Saving | Shakuro

The internet of today is nowhere near where it was a decade ago. The sporadic occurrence of web-based startups gave way to some of the largest corporate empires in the modern world. The free-spirited and ugly nomadic environment of the early internet turned into a dystopian mogul-owned cloud hanging over the modern world.

Technology steering us towards singularity?

There’s a popular line that I and my friends who are in their mid-30’s often use in a wide variety of contexts. The line goes: “Bring back my 2007.” In 2007 I’d never had thought I’d be saying that. Even though that wasn’t a really prosperous time for a day-old university graduate, we never think of the 90’s in that sense.

Google I/O? More like Google AI!

Google I/O? More like Google AI! | Shakuro

Time and time again Google has been proving why they are the best. Even though this is a hell of a jaded statement, they really are. There’s no other way around it. How Google influences our digital being is hard to even evaluate.

In the name of SEO: Server-side rendering for single-page apps

In the name of SEO: server-side rendering for single-page apps | Shakuro

The mobile-first application development trend has reshaped the way we expect our content to be delivered to us. There are not a lot of areas where web-based applications prevail over the mobile ones. At least entertainment-wise, we are totally sold on the iPhone or Android apps. One of the most accustomed to and secretly painstaking qualities of mobile apps is the speed and smoothness of transitions between screens.

Straight Outta Fitness App

Straight Outta Fitness App | Shakuro

This morning I stumbled upon a funny story on Instagram, it said: “imagine Instagram was gone. BOOM! You’re not a model anymore”. It’s about the fitness modeling trend that blew up a couple years ago on social media. There’s nothing wrong with being an instagram model or a facebook personality, just like there’s nothing wrong with being a youtuber; you can make a very decent living just doing that.

Making Money Off Your App

Making Money Off Your App | Shakuro

Recently, I’ve worked on a slogan for our 2018 website update. At Shakuro, we do websites and mobile apps. Mostly for clients, but also our own startups. While thinking of a cool slogan, I digressed into thinking what kind of apps are out there and why people bother buying and installing mobile apps.

Bitrise Fastlane Integration for iOS Apps

Bitrise Fastlane integration for iOS Apps | Shakuro

feat. Sergey Laschuk & Ruslan Krohalev

When it comes to automated testing and build deployment of web and mobile apps, there are several well-established services of continuous integration. However, it’s Bitrise that got a lot of publicity in 2017 and stands all the good chances to gain more traction in 2018.

How To Make A Social Media Application

How To Make A Social Media App | Shakuro

There are only a few application formats that might compete with social media in exposure and sustainability. Even though the market has been saturated with major players’ products that cover the bulk of user needs, there is always a slot for a wild card of a product that can blow up and shake up the industry.

Turn Website Into App

Turning Website Into App | Shakuro

If you are producing something and trying to make your living off of that, the first thing you do is let people know you are out there. At some point, that is not enough and that’s where a beautiful outdoor sign can help. But then, all signs are beautiful and you have to start over again. This was the case in the website industry. What used to be an optional perk, later became a staple, and today it’s a prerequisite.

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot | Shakuro

As an outsourced design and development agency, we take pride in our ability to immediately respond to any type of request we received. At the same time, the logistics of this ability is exhausting and only relies on the dedication of certain individuals.