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Straight Outta Fitness App

Straight Outta Fitness App | Shakuro

This morning I stumbled upon a funny story on Instagram, it said: “imagine Instagram was gone. BOOM! You’re not a model anymore”. It’s about the fitness modeling trend that blew up a couple years ago on social media. There’s nothing wrong with being an instagram model or a facebook personality, just like there’s nothing wrong with being a youtuber; you can make a very decent living just doing that.

Making Money Off Your App

Making Money Off Your App | Shakuro

Recently, I’ve worked on a slogan for our 2018 website update. At Shakuro, we do websites and mobile apps. Mostly for clients, but also our own startups. While thinking of a cool slogan, I digressed into thinking what kind of apps are out there and why people bother buying and installing mobile apps.

Bitrise Fastlane Integration for iOS Apps

Bitrise Fastlane integration for iOS Apps | Shakuro

feat. Sergey Laschuk & Ruslan Krohalev

When it comes to automated testing and build deployment of web and mobile apps, there are several well-established services of continuous integration. However, it’s Bitrise that got a lot of publicity in 2017 and stands all the good chances to gain more traction in 2018.

How To Make A Social Media Application

How To Make A Social Media App | Shakuro

There are only a few application formats that might compete with social media in exposure and sustainability. Even though the market has been saturated with major players’ products that cover the bulk of user needs, there is always a slot for a wild card of a product that can blow up and shake up the industry.

Turn Website Into App

Turning Website Into App | Shakuro

If you are producing something and trying to make your living off of that, the first thing you do is let people know you are out there. At some point, that is not enough and that’s where a beautiful outdoor sign can help. But then, all signs are beautiful and you have to start over again. This was the case in the website industry. What used to be an optional perk, later became a staple, and today it’s a prerequisite.

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot | Shakuro

As an outsourced design and development agency, we take pride in our ability to immediately respond to any type of request we received. At the same time, the logistics of this ability is exhausting and only relies on the dedication of certain individuals.

Software Licenses Explained

Software Licenses Explained | Shakuro

Every development practice requires us t0 use some sort of license for our source code at some point. There is a large number of license options to choose from. I’ll try to give my comprehensive analysis of the most common licenses that we use at Shakuro in different web/mobile/software development projects.

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights | Shakuro

Dagger 2 is a library for the Android projects implementing the Dependency Injection template. There are multiple articles on how to set up Dagger 2 so I’ll be giving my thoughts on why this library matters and how it helps.

The True Colors Of Kotlin

The True Colors Of Kotlin | Shakuro

After Google announced their support of Kolin at the I/O 2017 conference, I thought there was no point in avoiding it any further. The least you can do is check out what capabilities it gives after all…

Vices & Virtues Of Xamarin

Vices & Virtues Of Xamarin | Shakuro

In our quest to find the superior set of tools for native/cross-platform mobile application development, today we turn to Xamarin in its late 2017 implementation. In this article, I’ll try to give my thought on different development aspects and general platform usage.

Templating Projects On .NET Core

Templating Projects On .NET Core | Shakuro

.NET Core 2.0 is the newest modular and high-performance implementation of the .NET framework for creating web applications and services that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. During my research of .NET Core 2.0 features, I noticed that new project generation subsystem has undergone significant changes. Let’s look into it.

In The Trenches With React Native

In The Trenches With React Native | Shakuro

React Native being a household name in the IT community these days, it was only a matter of time that everybody curious about the buzz would have tried it out themselves. My teammates have already played around with React Native for Android but I wanted to test it out on a real project, so here we go. What you are about to read is my experience with React Native after the completion of a small real project.

Adopting IPython & Jupyter For Selenium Testing: Plan, Write, Validate Tests in Python

Adopting IPython & Jupyter For Selenium Testing | shakuro

Regardless of the programming language selected for automated testing development, we always face the challenge in debugging test automation. The simplest solution is using the scripting languages which is good for the interactive locator-related testing, activity, and more complicated scenarios. To speed up the process, you might want to check out the IPython tool and its graphical shell in Jupyter.