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Straight Outta Fitness App

Straight Outta Fitness App | Shakuro

This morning I stumbled upon a funny story on Instagram, it said: “imagine Instagram was gone. BOOM! You’re not a model anymore”. It’s about the fitness modeling trend that blew up a couple years ago on social media. There’s nothing wrong with being an instagram model or a facebook personality, just like there’s nothing wrong with being a youtuber; you can make a very decent living just doing that.

Daily Life Interactions To Learn UX From

Daily Life Interactions To Learn UX From | Shakuro

Have you ever found yourself commuting and suddenly realizing you are driving with your brain on autopilot? Even though you are totally zoned out, you are not driving off a cliff, you obey the traffic law and you are safe. Is it because you’ve gone the same road 10,000 times? Partly so, but also, it’s the way your car and your body work together through a series of interactions and microinteractions.

How To Make A Social Media Application

How To Make A Social Media App | Shakuro

There are only a few application formats that might compete with social media in exposure and sustainability. Even though the market has been saturated with major players’ products that cover the bulk of user needs, there is always a slot for a wild card of a product that can blow up and shake up the industry.

What 2018 Holds For UX Design

What 2018 Holds For UX Design

With 2017 coming to an end, it’s fun to take a look at how things changed this year and see what we can expect from the UI/UX design industry in 2018. In a way, a year-long stretch is too much to keep up with in terms of the ever-changing trends, hype, and technological advances enabling us to even consider perfecting user experience. The pivotal changes might happen out of the blue in design and the beauty of it is you never know what’s next. So if there is UX design in 2018, how will it be any different? Let’s see.

Turn Website Into App

Turning Website Into App | Shakuro

If you are producing something and trying to make your living off of that, the first thing you do is let people know you are out there. At some point, that is not enough and that’s where a beautiful outdoor sign can help. But then, all signs are beautiful and you have to start over again. This was the case in the website industry. What used to be an optional perk, later became a staple, and today it’s a prerequisite.

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot

Writing A Meaningful Chatbot | Shakuro

As an outsourced design and development agency, we take pride in our ability to immediately respond to any type of request we received. At the same time, the logistics of this ability is exhausting and only relies on the dedication of certain individuals.

Narrative Wireframes: The story-telling approach to UX design

Image credit: @benwhitephotography

Where does new design start? Is it a visual principle we are fond of? Is it a trend that has to be tried out? As part of a daily UI routine, these are probably the relevant ideas to start off with, but if we are talking about a specific project with its unique nature, business goals, limitations, and pitfalls, chances are, there will be not much room for experiments to fiddle with.

The Story Of CGHub: The Demise Of The Largest Digital Art Community

The Story Of CGHub: The Demise Of The Largest Digital Art Community | Shakuro

Picking up where we left in the first part of the CGHub story, this will be the tale of a thousand questions, despair, and a dozen broken hearts. But as George S. Patton has famously put:

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

However, before the victory, there was a battle (more of a beating) that we took every inch of… Bear with me as I tell one of the darkest stories in the history of our digital agency.

Rethinking App UX for iPhone X

Rethinking App UX for iPhone X | Shakuro

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten”

French proverb

iPhone X is perhaps, the furthest Apple has ever taken us from the previous releases. Even though the all-screen phone idea was introduced way back, and such devices are already present on the market for quite a bit, the splash iPhone X made before (!) it even went out is immense.

Adjusting Design For iPhone X

Adjusting Design For iPhone X | Shakuro Hero Image


So the future of the smartphone is here. And while everybody sort of played around with the idea of an all-screen phone, it’s never really serious until you get a hands-on experience. All of a sudden the clients you design mobile apps for start considering redesigning their apps to fit the iPhone X situation. Again when November rolls up and users get their devices, you want to be among the first app builders offering an iPhone X-specific applications leveraging its full potential.

Identity Conveys Your Brand’s Message… Or Does It?

Identity Conveys Your Brand's Message... Or Does It? | Shakuro

Building a positive aura around your brand is the ultimate goal of every marketing campaign you launch, every product improvement you make, and the reason why things like design even exist. Apart from usability issues, customer problem-solving properties, your product, and your brand have to appeal to people on sensual levels. However, perception is subjective and you might be surprised by the actual impression your content produces. Increasingly, things might get sketchy once you go international.

How to Create a Dating App & How Much It Costs

How to Create a Dating App & How Much It Costs | Shakuro

Over 20 million matches a day. That is 40+ million people meeting with a perspective for further relationship. These numbers make online dating tools the primary way of meeting people. A reasonable follow-up to that fact is the question: what is the best way to meet online? Is it a specific website, social media, or an app? The numbers we provided belong exclusively to the mobile dating applications, with a huge chunk in the big T.