Written by Ruslan Krohalev

Software Licenses Explained

Software Licenses Explained | Shakuro

Every development practice requires us t0 use some sort of license for our source code at some point. There is a large number of license options to choose from. I’ll try to give my comprehensive analysis of the most common licenses that we use at Shakuro in different web/mobile/software development projects.

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights | Shakuro

Dagger 2 is a library for the Android projects implementing the Dependency Injection template. There are multiple articles on how to set up Dagger 2 so I’ll be giving my thoughts on why this library matters and how it helps.

The True Colors Of Kotlin

The True Colors Of Kotlin | Shakuro

After Google announced their support of Kolin at the I/O 2017 conference, I thought there was no point in avoiding it any further. The least you can do is check out what capabilities it gives after all…