iOS Architectural Patterns Analysis

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There are four major architectural patterns in iOS environment and all of them have been demystified by Bohdan Orlov. I’ll try to point out the main difference between MVC, MVP, MVVM, and VIPER that might be instrumental while building the appropriate architecture for your application.

Business Process Outsourcing in IT

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Major technological advances of early 2000s signified the emergence of IT-BPO (Information Technologies Business Process Outsourcing). The initial intention of IT-BPO, like any other type of outsourcing was in increasing business flexibility, which became crucial for efficient cost management. Changes in the industry, the increase of business’ online presence, and common global trends lead to the substitution of a commodity-based contracts to more of a service-based approach.

The Biggest iPhone 7 Mockups Bundle in The World

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In the world of digital design, virtual product presentation becomes a pinnacle of creation process. Demonstrating your design in an isolated environment might be useful in case of a specific artistic case study, but when it comes to the production design or web design, it is extremely important to create an experience by simulating the environment.

How to Create Your Own App

How to create your own App | Shakuro

We live by our phones. It seems there is an app for everything these days, but what is percentage of the apps that you have ever installed on your phone that actually stay? Must be something that makes them special among tons of similar apps. Could be the app’s design quality, usability, smart idea behind it, or all at once.

Introduction to Elixir

Introduction to Elixir | Shakuro

Why Elixir

Now we create almost all our applications or websites using Ruby. Ruby has many advantages like elegant syntax, fast development, a lot of free libraries (gems) that can be used to solve almost any task. With this, it has some disadvantages: it is considered one of the slowest languages, it consumes a lot of system resources, it has bad concurrency implementation.

Implementing Sinch SDK in Android

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Instant messaging has become a staple in mobile application development. If the application you are building involves social interactions, most likely you will require some sort of a messaging service in it.