The Story Of CGHub: The Demise Of The Largest Digital Art Community

The Story Of CGHub: The Demise Of The Largest Digital Art Community | Shakuro

Picking up where we left in the first part of the CGHub story, this will be the tale of a thousand questions, despair, and a dozen broken hearts. But as George S. Patton has famously put:

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

However, before the victory, there was a battle (more of a beating) that we took every inch of… Bear with me as I tell one of the darkest stories in the history of our digital agency.

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights

Dagger 2 Framework Highlights | Shakuro

Dagger 2 is a library for the Android projects implementing the Dependency Injection template. There are multiple articles on how to set up Dagger 2 so I’ll be giving my thoughts on why this library matters and how it helps.

Rethinking App UX for iPhone X

Rethinking App UX for iPhone X | Shakuro

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten”

French proverb

iPhone X is perhaps, the furthest Apple has ever taken us from the previous releases. Even though the all-screen phone idea was introduced way back, and such devices are already present on the market for quite a bit, the splash iPhone X made before (!) it even went out is immense.

Is Project Planning An Imposture?

Is Project Planning An Imposture? | Shakuro

Different development methodologies, project manager bootcamps, books, courses, blogs, publications, and everything in the world of IT middle management revolves around the mystique of the productivity. No one can say they were 100% productive today but all are chasing it like a ghost and often take their busy condition for productivity. A whole bunch of things may fall victims of this confusion, including project planning.

The True Colors Of Kotlin

The True Colors Of Kotlin | Shakuro

After Google announced their support of Kolin at the I/O 2017 conference, I thought there was no point in avoiding it any further. The least you can do is check out what capabilities it gives after all…

How IT Project Proposals Work

How IT Project Proposals Work | Shakuro Hero Image

Every IT project starts with a plea or a pitch. If the abilities of one party meet the requirements of the other, we have a match 💞  So where do you take it from there? The fragile partnership-in-the-making might collapse because of the one wrong move and it’s a business proposal, or as they usually call it in development circles – a quote. Now there is a fine line between an alluring quote with underestimated time & material rates and a wary quote with vague rates. Both of these have a big chance of killing the project.

Vices & Virtues Of Xamarin

Vices & Virtues Of Xamarin | Shakuro

In our quest to find the superior set of tools for native/cross-platform mobile application development, today we turn to Xamarin in its late 2017 implementation. In this article, I’ll try to give my thought on different development aspects and general platform usage.